The People’s Convention Makes Your Voice Powerful

Rhode Island needs direct democracy.


There are times in our history, where the direct hand of the people is both necessary and desirable. The Ocean State is at such a point in history, with many Rhode Islanders feeling that the solutions are as obvious as the problems are intractable. We’ve all read the RI headlines. Our state has reached a crossroads. On one side is the people, who want to achieve their hopes and dreams, on the other is the special interests who want to keep the system broken to serve their own ends. A constitutional convention makes the people of Rhode Island more powerful. You will be asked in on ballot question three to either approve or disapprove a ConCon.

With citizens approving a convention, serving and electing themselves as delegates, and approving any recommended measures … this is true citizen democracy in action! This ballot question is critical to the future of our state. Legislators and citizens should embrace this right of the people. Only the timid and the special interests will object. Rhode Islanders want a government that works for everyone, not the just the privileged few.

You need to know your options, learn more now:

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The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, a non-partisan public policy think tank, is the state’s leading free-enterprise advocacy organization. With a credo that freedom is indispensable to citizens’ well-being and prosperity, the Center’s mission is to stimulate a rigorous exchange of ideas with the goal of restoring competitiveness to Rhode Island through the advancement of market-based reform solutions.


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