The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity is a think tank that works to balance the policy debate in the Ocean State through free-market ideas.

What is a Free-Market “Think Tank”?

THINK TANK // noun: a group or organization dedicated to problem solving and research (as in social or public policy). As the free-enterprise “idea factory” for Rhode Island, and as part of a national network of state-based think tanks advancing liberty-based solutions, our goal is to develop and relentlessly promote research-based, free-market policy recommendations.

FREE MARKET // noun: the basic system used to exchange goods or services where buyers and sellers come together to mutually agree on a fair value without external dictation of that value.

The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity will seek to change and balance the debate by educating key constituencies until we create a window of opportunity where meaningful reform can be implemented and take root.

Part of a national network of approximately 58 state-based think tanks, our Center is able to draw upon both local national research resources.