5 Tips to Protect Your Vote

Your vote is vital to preserving our constitutional democracy. With all of the controversies about the security of mail and absentee ballot voting, this election will be like no other.

It should be the goal of election officials to make it easy to vote, but hard to cheat. However, without obtaining legislative authority, and in trying to make it so easy to vote, state election officials have compromised the integrity of Rhode Island’s voting process, making it more likely that you could be cheated.

If you want to ensure that your vote is protected and that you are not cheated … and that your vote actually gets counted … our Center urges you to VOTE IN PERSON! 

Personally insert your own ballot – and see your ballot go – into the tabulating machine yourself at your designated voting locations. 

Every time a 3rd-party handles your mail ballot, something could go wrong. Whether by mishap, via malfeasance, or by an unscrupulous worker or partisan hack; as unlikely as it might seem – your constitutionally guaranteed right to vote could be cheated. Think of what could happen … once your ballot is out of your hands; it could be: 

  • Delayed or lost in the mail or not properly retrieved from a special “ballot drop box” 
  • Purposefully put aside or destroyed by an unscrupulous worker or volunteer
  • Accidentally lost 
  • Rejected for a perceived signature-comparison mis-match 
  • You could incorrectly fill out the ballot or envelope, triggering a rejection

Additionally, someone else might complete and send in your designated absentee ballot application – or your actual mail ballot – if you don’t receive it or guard its safety. 


1. Register to vote by October 3 … your family and friends, too! 

Go  to: https://vote.sos.ri.gov/Home/RegistertoVote  

You can double-check your registration status, here: https://vote.sos.ri.gov/Home/UpdateVoterRecord  

2. DO NOT DISCARD & HOLD ON to the absentee-ballot application that was delivered to your home in mid-September.

  • Bring your absentee ballot application with you when you’re voting in person, just in case they try to tell you that you already voted by absentee ballot. Providing proof that you did not submit an absentee ballot application – then casting a provisional ballot – could save your vote!

3. Vote early IN-PERSON at your locality’s board of canvassers, beginning October 14, showing your ID and inserting your ballot, yourself, into the tabulating machine.

4. Vote on election day IN-PERSON on November 3, at your designated polling precinct, showing ID and inserting your ballot, yourself, into the tabulating machine.

5. If you do choose to complete the absentee ballot application to request a vote-by-mail ballot … you are advised to complete the mail ballot process. While there is a provisional ballot process whereby you could instead, in the end, opt to vote in person … it is a fairly complicated process to prove to election officials that you had not voted both by mail and in person.

NEVER hand over your completed mail-ballot to any 3rd party person! Either post it in the US Postal Service mail or place it in an authorized drop-box.

If you did submit a ballot by mail, you can track the status of your mail ballot here: https://vote.sos.ri.gov/Home/UpdateVoterRecord

NOTE: If the State’s website is not able to verify receipt of your mail ballot, you should go IN-PERSON to your polling place (on election day or during the early voting process) and ask to submit a provisional ballot.

For more information on official state procedures, visit:  https://vote.sos.ri.gov/

Our Center encourages you vote and to follow an IN PERSON process that best guarantees that your vote will actually be counted. Remember, your vote is crucial to preserving our democracy. 

Center Launches Anti-Tax Campaign

Center Opposes Tax Increases Proposed by Progressive and Union Groups

Providence, RI – Already hemorrhaging people and wealth because of its existing harsh business climate, Rhode Islanders cannot afford additional taxes of any kind to try to plug massive projected budget deficits. As the state’s premiere advocacy organization for pro-growth economic policies, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity today launched a counter-campaign to the government-union led effort to raise taxes in the state. 

The campaign, #RaiseSailsNotTaxes, reminds lawmakers that raising taxes during an economic crisis will lead to even more job losses, more business closings, more out-migration, a slower and longer economic recovery … and more poverty. 

Conversely, Rhode Islanders can look to a more prosperous future if lawmakers instead take the wiser path of reducing spending, as most families and businesses have been forced to do due to the government-mandated shuttering of our economy. 

Only with more and better jobs created by more and better companies can more Ocean Staters can enjoy a better quality of life, perhaps even able to own a sail-boat. Rhode Islanders can learn more about the benefits of a free-market economy and can take action at the website: www.RaiseSailsNotTaxes.com . 

With the worst business climate in America, pre-pandemic Rhode Island was already suffering a chronic relative loss of population, below average jobs recovery, and stagnant economic growth due to excessively high taxes and regulations. Our state is now among the hardest-hit states when it comes to unemployment and GDP loss, post-pandemic. 

“How tone-deaf can the political class be? We have been crushed by this pandemic in so many ways, and now they want to stomp government’s boot even harder upon our backs,” questioned Mike Stenhouse, the Center’s CEO. “It’s time for government to live within its means, just like we all had to.” 

Facing a near-billion dollar revenue shortfall for 2020 and 2021, government unions along with left-wing advocacy groups and progressive lawmakers, have put forth a bevy of proposals to increase debt and to impose new or higher taxes and fees on a dizzying array of products and services, including: 

  • The re-imposition of sales taxes on wine and liquor 
  • A carbon tax that would raise the price of gasoline, home heating fuel, and propane products 
  • A TCI Gas Tax that would add a further 17-24 cents per gallon 
  • Close to one BILLION dollars in new bonded debt, that will force general tax hikes upon all of us today, and also upon our children and grandchildren in the future 
  • A new tax on high-income earners, which will reduce business investment and drive more people out of our state 
  • A halt to the car-tax phase-out 
  • New taxes on deliveries 
  • Increased building and permit fees 
  • New taxes on hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting

Two of the Center’s coalition partners, The Gaspee Project and the Gaspee Business Network are offering action items for lawmakers and voters. Gaspee is tracking all 2020 General Assembly and federal candidates who promise not to support tax hikes by taking the Taxpayer PROTECTION Pledge. GBN is hosting the Taxpayer ELECTION Pledge, where voters promise to support candidates who oppose tax increases. All citizens are encouraged to take the pledge. 

“Political leaders have made no signal that they are preparing to face reality, instead they hope and pray that the federal government will bail them out. Worse, unless citizens and employers step up and take action … in addition to tax and fee increases, these politicians, unbelievably, are suggesting massive new bonds to keep status quo spending levels and to fund special new projects that will dive our state into even deeper debt,” warned Stenhouse. 

If your association, chamber, or business group would like to be listed as a coalition partner, please send an email from your org’s email address to: info@rifreedom.org or call 401-429-6115.