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Dead State Walking

So Reuters reports that Jefferson County Alabama has filed for backruptcy becase of an usupportable $5,000,000,000 debt.  With 660,000 people in the county that’s about $7500 in debt per person. Rhode Island has somewhere in the vicintiy of $30,000,000,000 in debt when you include the (true) penson liability ($18B) , the infrastructure debt ($9B), the ‘OPEB’ […]

Occupy Phil Donohue

If you are under the illusion that the ‘Occupy’ folks are onto something new… check out this terrific video blast from the past from the Phil Donohue show … Milton Friedman on the socialist utopia: “Where in the world are you going to find these angels who are going to organize society for us?”  … Burnside […]

The Pension Illusion

The Illusion of Public Sector economics There is something important to keep in mind as we start down the path of debating pension reform in Rhode Island. It is perhaps not the most vital point in a debate where what really matters is “Truth in Numbers”, as Treasurer Raimondo puts it, but as a premise […]

NEW! Pension Open Government website: RIOpenGov.org

NEW! Cranston Police & Fire pension data now posted!
The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity operates an ‘open government’ transparency website. RIOpenGov.org, is an interactive online database of state public employee pension data for current retirees. The data for about 27,000 pensioners, can be viewed in both table and graph modes, and can be sorted or searched by employee name, retirement year, benefit type, benefit structure (group), state of residence, and disability type.

Task Force Commentary: R.I.’s pension debt worse than admitted (by Jagadeesh Gokhale)

As part of the national task force that our Center has assembled, Jagadeesh Gokhale, from the Cato Institute, published the OpEd below that appeared in the Providence Sunday Journal, Oct. 23, 2011. R.I.’s pension debt worse than admitted JAGADEESH GOKHALE WASHINGTON, DC -Rhode Island’s pension crisis reminds one of Greece, now slaving under externally imposed austerity […]

RI energy policy questioned in three national articles

Two recent articles from nationally recognized sources – the Washington Examiner and Town Hall – referenced the Deepwater project and Rhode Island’s energy landscape and strongly hinted that we are harming our citizens and businesses via our costly state energy policies and bypassing the traditional approval process. In the article, four important points were made that RI citizens and public officials should consider: State energy […]

Student Essay Contest

WIN an I-PAD!! ATTENTION HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: In honor of Milton Friedman, the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity invites you to submit an essay portraying your views about how freedom can enhance your lives.


Gio Cicione on Newsmakers (Ch-12 & Ch-11) this past Sunday

Our senior policy advisor, Gio Cicione, appeared this past Sunday, 9/25, on Channel-12. Tim White and co. reviewed our Center’r recent Policy Brief on the legal authority to adjust state pensions as well as our recommendation that the General Assembly clarify the law with legislation that states this intent due to a critical “public purpose”. Check back soon for a link […]