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Policy Reform: Repeal the Estate Tax

High death tax puts Rhode Island economy further into grave The Ocean State should be the ideal location to raise a family, run a business, and build an estate that endures for generations. Our state benefits when wealthy people live within our borders, expanding our tax base, paying more taxes, increasing potential investment in businesses, […]

Policy Reform: Require Accuracy In Pension Accounting

  Municipalities are understating the true cost of unfunded pension liabilities Government employees need to properly plan for their retirements. Municipal officials need to have predictable budgets from which to provide quality education and city services. Taxpayers need to know that budget shortfalls will not raise their property taxes. Before local pension funding formulas can […]

Policy Reform: Reduce State Minimum Wage to Federal Level

  Minimum wage increases helping to sink teen employment in the Ocean State As teens transition into adulthood and self-reliance, the likelihood of developing crucial career skills, of building their personal networks and résumés, and of earning valuable spending money is diminishing in Rhode Island. Moreover, a higher minimum wage is drag on jobs development […]

Policy Reform: Reduce Occupational Licensing Mandates

Occupational licensing laws hurt low income workers in Rhody Rhode Island workers should be free of unnecessary fees and licensing requirements when pursuing an opportunity to earn a living, especially lower income workers hoping to embark on a new career path. Consumers will enjoy lower prices when some of these barriers are torn down.   […]

Policy Reform: Reform Renewable Energy Mandates

Laws maneating that a certain portion of our energy must be derived from renewable sources actually force households and businesses to pay higher energy costs, creating another drag on our already failing state economy. These laws are based on false assumptions. The cronyism and rate-payer funding of related special-interest projects are examples of corruption that […]

Policy Reform: Eliminate Corporate Welfare

    View our “End Corporate Welfare” policy brief here …    38 Studios-style cronyism is not capitalism … and it must end! When political insiders secure special funding or bailouts for themselves, funded by your taxpayer dollars, it creates an unfair playing field, upsetting the competitive landscape. Wasteful spending by incompetent bureaucrats and legislators […]

Policy Reform: School Choice, Special-Needs Scholarships, and School Grading System

  “Bright Today” education reforms Every child deserves not just a bright future, but also a bright today. Students will only be young once and cannot wait for long-term education reforms to take hold. Families must have choices in education, and we must close educational gaps now! Options and Accountability The State of Florida has […]