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National Popular Vote – Right or Wrong for Rhode Island and America?

Dowload a printable PDF of the Policy Brief here …   April 4, 2012: National Popular Vote Imagine the likely scenario thatRhode Islandvoters will overwhelmingly support the re-election of President Obama, Democrat, this November by the same 63%-35% margin as they did in 2008. Then imagine the possible scenario thatRhode Island’s (4) “Electoral Votes” would […]

Center for Freedom presents at RI Hospitality Board Meeting

Mike Stenhouse, CEO for the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, presented the findings from the Center’s Policy Brief on the Governor’s proposed “sales tax hike” to the Board of Directors of the RI Hospitality Association this morning. Also discussed was the upcoming “Eliminate the Sales Tax” report that the Center hopes to release before […]

Task Force Launches Municipal Pension Reform Website

Pension Data added for 1800+ Police and Fire Retirees for Central Falls, Warwick, East Providence, and Newport FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 20, 2012 Providence, RI – As part of National Transparency Week, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity announced today the posting of new pension data on its popular transparency website, www.RIOpenGov.org . […]

All Cities and Towns May Already be in “Critical Status”

COMMENTARY: by Mike Stenhouse and Rich Danker The centerpiece of the governor’s proposed legislation to let municipalities’ independent pension plans suspend annual cost of living adjustments (COLA’s), includes a ‘60% critical status’ test that may be irrelevant. While we support the concept of providing “tools” to Rhode Island municipalities, the distinction of which localities are in crisis – and […]

Right To Work = Freedom for RI Workers

Rhode Islanders are suffering from a severely weak economy and our state needs to seek every competitive opportunity it can in order to attract and grow jobs. As demonstrated by the Report Card on Rhode Island Competitiveness, by many measures, Rhode Island is excessively uncompetitive in both New England and nationally, when it comes to growing and attracting business and high-paying, sustainable jobs.

One of the single most effective ways to provide the Ocean State with a new competitive edge is passing Right-To-Work legislation.

Cranston Pensions to be focus of Task Force organized by the Center for Freedom

Our Center has assembled another team of nationally renowned think tanks that will focus on the City of Cranston, Rhode Island by providing useful analysis and research. This follows our successful task force on the statewide pension crisis last fall. NEW – Cranston Police & Fire pension data now online! Click the title above to read more …