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Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI), December 2019: Signs of Growth Foretell a Revision

The final report for 2019 of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI) found Rhode Island still with its overall ranking of 47th in the country. Data for all 12 datapoints of the index except federal taxes were updated for this iteration, and the only negatives, compared with September, were […]

Virginia Valentine: TCI Compact Crumbling as Virginia Gives Love, Says No to New Gas Taxes

Virginia Gives Some Valentine’s Day Love to Old Dominion Motorists Providence, RI – Families and businesses in the state of Virginia were given a dose of Valentine’s Day love this week, when political leaders announced that the state would not join the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) compact this year, saving Old Dominion motorists from paying […]

Center’s Work with Regional Coalition Has Backed TCI Proponents Into a Corner

Center Participates In Regional Meeting Involving 10 States to  Oppose the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) Providence, RI – It is not by accident that the proposed Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) is losing support among many of the states it has targeted … to the point where some proponents are considering a Plan-B. Last week, the RI Center for […]

What Rhode Islanders should know about the TCI Gas Tax Q & A about the Transportation & Climate Initiative

Analysis by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity On December 17 the Georgetown Law Center, in cooperation with the Raimondo administration in Rhode Island and other regional state governments, published its Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) draft Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU). It will be open for on-line comments until February 28. At some point […]

Ahead of State of the State Address, Center Publishes TCI Gas Tax Q&A

What Every Rhode Islander Should Know About the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) Providence, RI – With Governor Raimondo expected to address climate change in her annual “State of the State Address” this evening, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity today published a Question & Answer document about the carbon tax “cap and trade” […]

Center Signs Coalition Letter to Oppose Regional TCI Gas Tax

18 Regional Advocacy Groups Issue Open Coalition Letter Opposing TCI Regional Gas Tax Plan Providence, RI – The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity today joins with a dozen-and-a-half other pro-freedom groups in northeast states to co-sign a regional coalition “open letter” that opposes the regional carbon tax “cap and trade” compact that will significantly raise gas prices at the […]

POLICY BRIEF: Why Raimondo Administration Should Not Impose New TCI Gas Tax

The Stealth TCI Gas Tax Why the Governor Should Not Sign-on to the Transportation & Climate Initiative Providence, RI – If the Raimondo administration gets its way and coerces the General Assembly to sign-on to a new carbon-tax regional compact, a scheme devised by climate alarmists, Rhode Island motorists are about to see a major tax increase […]

Policy Brief: The TCI Tax

Raimondo Administration Should Not Impose a New ‘Stealth’ Gasoline Tax and Should Refuse to Sign-on to the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI) Summary: The Governor of Rhode Island has initially committed to signing-on to a regional carbon tax scheme on gasoline, advanced by climate alarmists, that will significantly increase regular and diesel gasoline prices at […]

Stenhouse to speak at Roger Williams Univ. class; will promote 1st Amendment Institute

RWU Professor Practices Intellectual Diversity-University Supporter Floats Concept for Free-Speech Institute Providence, RI – The CEO of the conservative think-tank, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity, Mike Stenhouse, will speak at a Roger Williams Universitypolitical-science class this afternoon, taught by Professor June Speakman, as part of her long-time effort to provide alternative views on various political topics.  “I commend […]

Center and Robert Flanders Partner with Illinois Group to Bring Lawsuit Against Unconstitutional State Campaign Finance Law

Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Free Speech & Citizen Privacy Center’s Board Member, Robert Flanders, to Serve as Local Counsel for lawsuit Watch this NBC-10 TV STORY Providence, RI – As part of its new strategic litigation initiative, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity announced today that it has partnered with the Liberty Justice Center (LJC) to bring a lawsuit against […]