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Teen Employment Sinking in the Ocean State

Gainful employment is disappearing from the experience of the American teenager (ages 16 to 19), and increasing minimum wages are part of the problem. In Rhode Island, teen unemployment was 28.3% in 2011, more than double its 2007 low of 12.9%, and hours worked per week had fallen from 10.0 to 6.1. Rhode Island’s minimum wage climb from $6.75 in 2004 to $7.75 for 2013 will have cost 597 teenage jobs. As teenagers’ employment has fallen and their average hours worked per week have decreased, the weekly working hours per 100 teens in the population has dropped 62% – and 79% for those without high school diplomas. Because 70% of working teens are in the retail or leisure/hospitality industries, a bold policy change such as eliminating the state sales tax would be especially beneficial to them.

County Out-Migration Should Be Alarm to Municipalities

For nearly a decade, taxpayers have been leaving Rhode Island. With cities and towns facing wave after wave of difficult decisions, a change of policy course is critical. Between 2003 and 2010, the net migration out of the state has left Rhode Island with 24,455 fewer income-tax-paying households with a total of $1.2 billion of annual income.

Why RI Should Opt Out of Exchanges and Medicaid Expansion

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will impose a high cost for the Ocean State in terms of budgets, jobs, dependency, and privacy – including the job-killing EMPLOYER MANDATE. The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity recommends that the state of Rhode Island halt its headlong lunge into expensive and intrusive policy changes concocted in Washington, D.C., and join with other states that have taken a more skeptical view.

RI Exchange Director does not Understand Free-Markets

Click this link to hear the clip: press conference-wpromentions-clip At the State’s press conference following the Supreme Court’s decision, WPRO’s Steve Klamkin brings up our Healthcare Freedom Act proposal to Healthcare Exchange Director, Christine Ferguson, who responded by claiming that the current state exchange is already market based. Ms. Ferguson does not apparently understand what […]

Healthcare Exchanges in RI Should be Replaced with a Healthcare Freedom Act

In 2010, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) amid great controversy. Passage of the bill did not resolve the dispute, and the law has been a source of uncertainty for state governments around the country. Moreover, the Supreme Court’s ruling that the law is constitutional did not resolve the instability.

Minimum Wage Hike Will Cause Loss of 200 Teen Jobs in RI

Watch this video by LearnLiberty.org to see how increasing the minimum wage increases unemployment among low-skilled workers On the heels of a national report that painted a bleak employment picture for teens, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity issued a policy note today that shows that the Rhode Island General Assembly has made […]

Crosstown E-Battle of Ideas Takes Stage in Providence

Ocean State Current joins Breitbart, Heritage, and Franklin in “Future Of Journalism Summit” Click here to see national news stories about what people are saying about the Summit … The Ocean State Current, the news wing of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, will participate with the Heritage Foundation and the Franklin Center for Government […]

Task Force Stirs Controversy in Warwick

Are local governments unknowingly or purposely hiding the truth from its residents? How do you solve a problem if some don’t think there is a problem? An online debate is underway and the sides are taking shape. On one side are: the City of Warwick, its local newspaper, and State officials. On the other side are: current and former Warwick city council members, a scholar from a nationally recognized think tank, and our own Center for Freedom.

Center for Freedom Calls for End to Corporate Welfare in RI

38 Studios style Cronysism is not Capitalism. Systematized handouts of $50 million/yr can be put to better use. Cronyism is the transfer of public money to businesses and organizations through the peddling of influence. Our Centef for Freedom calls for an end to the practice of corporate welfare in the General Assembly and to defund the Economic Development Corp. (EDC), preventing it from spending or putting at risk any taxpayer dollars …