A 3.0% sales tax reform puts more money in the pockets of Rhode Island families

Sales Tax Reform: More Money In The Pockets Of Rhode Island Families

Rhode Island is losing the competition to retain and attract families who want to make our state their home-of-choice.  Imagine our state as place where families can work hard, earn a respectable living, and support their families. But, too many Rhode Islanders feel left out. They are fed up with the status quo of ever-increased spending on special interest causes, and the perpetually high taxes and red-tape that are driving others out of town. Now is the time to change the status quo. A 3.0% sales tax reform is the antidote to the progressive agenda in the Ocean State.

Not only would 3.0% sales tax reform keep more money in the pockets of every Rhode Island family, it would reduce costs for every Rhode Island business. This reform would also spur increased consumerism by both in-state and out-of-state shoppers. Most importantly a 3.0% sales tax would create thousands of good, new job opportunities.

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