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Zero.Zero 2013

ELIMINATE THE STATE SALES TAX TO CREATE JOBS: The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity proposes the elimination of Rhode Island’s sales tax as a means of high-impact economic development. Our RI-STAMP economic model suggests that the loss in state revenue would not be as large as static projections might suggest and would be well worth the boon to Rhode Islanders across the state.

Rhode Island Employment Snapshot, December 2012: Tied for Worst

Rhode Island’s unemployment rate renewed its incremental decline, to 10.2% in December, although the rate of its employment increase continued at the more-moderated results seen in November. In the two months prior to the election, Rhode Island’s employment growth was unusually strong. The first chart below shows that both labor force and employment continued to […]

Rhode Island Employment Snapshot, October 2012

Rhode Island’s unemployment rate fell one tenth of a point in October, to 10.4%, still second worst in the nation, after Nevada. However, for the second month in a row, the Ocean State led the nation in actual employment increase. While the data offers an encouraging picture, the boom in jobs over the past two months has been so historically large that it ought to be treated with caution until other economic indicators begin to substantiate the results.