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Rhode Island Employment Snapshot, September 2012

Rhode Island’s unemployment rate fell another two tenths of a point in September, to 10.5%, still second only to Nevada.  More notable, though, is that the Ocean State led the nation in actual employment increase, and that the results for the country as a whole have rightly raised eye-brows. Not seasonally adjusted, September typically sees […]

Progress Report: 2013 Budget Does Not Improve Failing Report Card

When the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity released its “Report Card on Rhode Island ‘Competitiveness,'” in February, Rhode Islanders had reason to believe that the General Assembly would do something to address the state’s most pressing issue: jobs. Since February, almost two thousand more Rhode Islanders are out of work, and even more than that gave up and left the labor force. The legislature and its enacted budget did nothing to improve the economic climate of the state and arguably made things worse.

Government Edges into Preschool… Expensively

As part of government’s effort to edge its way into the preschool market, and the federal government’s slow usurpation of education more generally, Rhode Island will be receiving $12.5 million annually over the next four years.  As it typically goes with government, proponents begin with the positive objective that they seek to pursue and give […]

How Easily the Hybrid Pension Reform Can Be Undone

In his Sunday Providence Journal column, Assistant Managing Editor for business, commerce, and consumer issues John Kostrzewa describes the business community’s enthusiasm for the just-passed pension reform: There was a lot to celebrate because many of the 700 businessmen and women who attended the [Providence Chamber of Commerce] dinner had contributed their money, influence and […]