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Report: Government Data Proof of Retail Boom for 3.0% Sales Tax Concept

Wine & Spirits Increased 21.4% After Sales Tax Cut Providence, RI – Imagine the parking lots of Rhode Island retailers filled with cars with Massachusetts license plates. Actual data from the State demonstrates that this is possible. The same level of economic stimulus – as projected by the Center by cutting the state’s overall sales tax – actually occurred […]

Marijuana Legalization: Constitutional Crisis and Increased Costs and Legal Jeopardy for Employers?

Click here to see our previous marijuana statement Click here to see testimony from CEO Stenhouse April 5, 2017. Providence, RI — Concerned about the lack of serious debate about the societal impact of legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana use, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity today published a policy brief that underscores […]

MINIMUM WAGE TESTIMONY: Misperceptions & Myths; EITC Recommended by the Center

March 30, 2017  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Providence, RI – The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity published the full written testimony its CEO will submit to the House Committees on Finance and Labor, the latter of which will today hear multiple bills seeking to raise the state’s minimum wage rate. “Every Rhode Islander who strives to work hard […]

Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI), February 2017: Little Change as RI Tax Revenue Slips Slightly

The annual revisions of the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) usually mean that the data for February follows closely on that for January, leaving little change in the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI) report. This year, updated data for SNAP and state and local taxes is also available, […]

Center Supports Cape Verdean Woman, Others, in Quest for Hair Braiding Freedom. Hearing Today

Regulations Inhibit Many From Pursuing Financial Freedom Joceyln DoCouto Cannot Afford Onerous Licensing Requirements Providence, RI — Hair braiding is a cultural and practical art-form for Jocelyn DoCouto and her family, which hails from Senegal and Cape Verde. Yet, unable to afford the burdensome levels of fees and training required to receive permission from the government to legally work […]

Center Responds to Governor Raimondo’s Federal Healthcare News Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 23, 2017 Governor Does Not Understand Goal of Federal Reforms Fear-mongering not helpful to legitimate debate Providence, RI – Mike Stenhouse, CEO for the nonpartisan Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity issued a statement, following a news conference today by Governor Gina Raimondo about her concerns about the proposed federal American […]

A 3.0% Sales Tax: A Superior Economic Stimulus Than Car Tax Repeal or Free College Tuition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 20, 2017 Plans by Speaker and Governor Could Cost Jobs and Municipal Revenue Losses Sales Tax Cuts Would Increase Jobs and Could Pay for Car Tax Reforms Providence, RI – The nonpartisan Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity today published detailed economic modeling projections and analysis, demonstrating that a cut in […]

3.0% Sales Tax: Superior Reform than Car Tax Repeal or Free College Tuition?

Car Tax, Free Tuition Programs Could Mean Loss of Jobs and Lower Municipal Revenues 3.0% Sales Tax Adds Thousands of Jobs, Increases Local Revenues OVERVIEW: As taxpayers continue to be asked to fund generous corporate subsidy programs, lawmakers are now dueling over two new spending ideas – reimbursing localities to phase-out the car tax and […]