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Center Cautions Against Gun Control Focus of Pending Legislative Hearings

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 6, 2018 Center Recommends Comprehensive vs Narrow Approach to Mass Shootings Puzzle Cultural Implications of the Breakdown of the Family Must Be Part of the Conversation Providence, RI — In seeking to find a balance between protecting civil rights and protecting the public when it comes to solving the puzzle of how […]

Center Calls for Retraction of “Fatalities” Statement by Prominent Public Official in Response to its Regulatory Reform Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 13, 2018 Serious Debate Encouraged – Not Fear-mongering – When it Comes to Easing Regulatory Burdens on Workers and Employers Center Calls on Sabitoni to Retract Outrageous Statement Providence, RI — Responding to statements from a prominent union leader about whether or not the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity wants to […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Center derides “school discrimination” legislation as the Progressive Bad Bill of the Week

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12, 2018 Poorly Written Bill Leaves Serious Issue of Discrimination to Make Believe Judgments 2nd grader play could be criminalized by those who anoint themselves as judge and jury Providence, RI — The legislative onslaught by progressive-Democrats continues, this time using school children in a dangerous attempt to enshrine their non-mainstream values […]

Center Answers Speaker’s Call; Suggests Major Regulatory Reforms in New Occupational Licensing Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 6, 2018 The Right to Earn a Living Should Not Require Government Permission Speaker of the House and Governor on Right Track Providence, RI — In response to a call from the Rhode Island Speaker of the House, and following the lead of the executive branch, the RI Center for Freedom […]

Progressive’s “Fair Pay Act” Could Lead to $125/mo Lower Earnings. Expansion of “Training Wage” and EITC Recommended by Center.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 31, 2018 Resulting Reduced Earnings Would Harm Low-Wage Workers, Employers, and Economy Expansion of “Training Wage” Recommended to Give Teens a Leg Up to Earn Vital Work Experience Providence, RI — With the legislative onslaught from the progressive-left against employers and job growth now in full gear, the RI Center for […]

Single-Payer Healthcare: “Progressive Land of Make Believe Bad Bill of the Week”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 25, 2018 Single-Payer Healthcare Scheme Based on “Make Believe” Assumptions Progressive Economist Estimates $3.7 Billion in New Costs; Center Estimates at $5.4 Billion. Would Bankrupt the State. Providence, RI — The legislative onslaught from the left has begun. As the poster child of their desire for government-control over the lives of residents […]

Center Critical of Governor’s “Wrong Direction” Budget

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 18, 2018 “Keep Going” Strategy Headed in Wrong Direction Recent Federal Reforms Demonstrate the Path to Prosperity Providence, RI – The Governor’s proposed “Keep Going” FY2019 budget stands in stark contrast to the successful path to prosperity blazed by the federal government via tax and regulatory reductions in the past year. […]