MEDIA RELEASE: Ron St. Pierre Joins The Ocean State Current, New Brand Logo for In The Dugout

Ron St. Pierre Joins The Ocean State Current
New Executive Producer Role & Anchor of Election 2022 Debates

In The Dugout Logo Contest Winner Announced

Cranston, RI – The Ocean State Current announced today that Ron St. Pierre will join its staff and that it has selected a new brand logo for its In The Dugout video podcast.

The Ocean State Current is Rhode Island’s fastest growing all-digital news and information source. In promoting common sense policies and opinions as the media arm of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, The Current is quickly becoming the voice of parents and concerned citizens who seek improvement over the Ocean State’s failed status quo.

Along with its flagship video podcast, In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse, The Current features video, text, and audio posts from citizen journalists and policy experts. An increasing lineup of content and new programming is expected in the near future, as Ron St. Pierre, popular on-air radio personality and former station president and general manager, will serve in the newly created position as Executive Producer for The Current, beginning March 1.

Beginning this week, St. Pierre will be joined by his longtime radio partner, Jen Brien, to co-host In The Dugout shows on Mondays, along with Mike Stenhouse. This special Monday podcast will soon launch a unique “talk video” format.

News & Views to Turn the Tide! The Current features a team of citizen journalists as well as prominent local and national personalities from across the political spectrum, who present a wide range of perspectives and common sense solutions … in text, audio, and video formats.

National contributors include: Stephen Moore, Chief Economist at the Heritage Foundation, Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, Andy Bernstein, Ayn Rand expert and Objectivist, and Hans Von Spakovsky, elections expert at the Heritage Foundation.

In addition to dozens of mom and dad parental-rights advocates, local contributors include: Judge Robert Flanders, former Associate Justice of the RI Supreme Court,  Stephen Laffey, former Cranston mayor and US Senatorial candidate, Anthony Giarrusso, former state Representative from East Greenwich, Tom Ward, founder of The Valley Breeze newspaper, Jen Brien, radio personality, and Tyler Rowley, religion & morality expert.

Election 2022. Ron St. Pierre will also anchor an Election 2022 debate series that will focus on upcoming state and local elections in Rhode Island. Also as part of St. Pierre’s role, The Current will also be developing premium content that will soon be available to monthly subscribers.

The Current also announces today that its new In The Dugout logo (below) was selected from a national logo contest among graphic artists and was the clear selection in a private survey. The new logo portrays both baseball and broadcast themes in a classic style, along with more contemporary elements. Stenhouse was a former Major League Baseball player in the 1980’s with the Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, and Montreal Expos.

The In The Dugout podcasts, which normally air live Monday through Thursday from 4:00-5:00 PM EST, are reminiscent of some of Stenhouse’s favorite baseball memories when he and his teammates would engage in talk about all manner of issues while sitting in the dugout before or after a game. Stenhouse invites all of his guests to join him in donning a cap of their favorite team or organization.

Only on The Current. The Ocean State Current is rapidly becoming the trusted source for issues that are important to Rhode Island families … issues that the corporate media won’t cover or put forth with a false narrative. For those who are tired of the bias of the mainstream media, give The Current a look by browsing regularly at

With one of the most technologically advanced websites in the industry, The Current offers text-to-audio translation for posts for easy mobile listening, automatically pulls content from select media partners, features an advanced and easy search capacity, and displays a unique Watch, Read, and Listen layout.

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