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Call for More Transparency re. Criteria to Transition Back to Work

Center Calls for Public Transparency re. Criteria for Transitioning Rhode Islanders Back to Work

Commending the Governor for planning to respond later today to calls to make publicly known the modeling data and tools her administration is utilizing to project how the corona-virus pandemic is expected to play out in the near future, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity is calling for further transparency. 

On Thursday morning, Mike Stenhouse, chief executive officer of the Center, called on the Governor to outline the specific process, data, and criteria she will use to determine how and when Ocean Staters can safely return to work. 

There are many issues and questions the public should be made aware. Further Ocean State employers need advance notice to be able to effectively plan for a safe reopening of their businesses. By transparently sharing her plans with the private sector, she can help build trust among the business community and enhance public confidence in her future actions.

Some of the questions that should be publicly answered are:

  • Will the Governor make these decisions unilaterally or in conjunction with the General Assembly?
  • What corona-virus metrics and benchmarks does the Governor plan to set … or will the decision be arbitrary?
  • What regulations and other restrictions will be put in place? Will these be imposed via executive or legislative action?

“I encourage the General Assembly to find a way to get back to work and help ensure that a reasonable and transparent get-back-to-work process is undertaken.”

The Center’s list of 20 policy ideas to ease the transition back-to-work can be viewed here.

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