NEW: Ballot Voter Guide. REJECT QUESTIONS #4-7 over Debt Concerns; APPROVE #2

RI Families, our Children Cannot Afford Increased Debt Burden

Only Question #2 Ethics Reform Recommended for Approval

Providence, RI — In heaping over $321,000,000 of additional debt burden on Rhode Island families, as well as on future generations, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity recommends that voters “reject” bond Questions #4-7. Just like families who must tighten their credit card debt and avoid luxuries they cannot afford, voters should reject the exorbitant spending proposed by the state, much of which is earmarked to benefit special interest insiders.

The 2016 Ballot Question Voter Guide, released today by the Center, documents how the state’s ‘interest on debt’ burden has already increased by 90% since 2005, almost four-times as much as the national average and double any other known state.

“The bond questions this year are just more corporate welfare to special interests, while also advancing the RhodeMap RI agenda,” commented Mike Stenhouse, CEO for the Center. “This is not a popularity contest. Quite simply, Rhode Island families and businesses cannot afford the higher tax burden that approval of these irresponsible spending measures would inevitably lead to.”

Only Question #2 – to amend the state constitution restore Ethics Commission authority – received an “Approve” recommendation from the Center. The Center did not take a firm position on Question #1 or #3.

The voter guide PDF provides a brief discussion of each of the seven statewide ballot questions, with the Center’s final recommendations summarized as:

  • Q1 NO POSITION on the “Tiverton Casino”
  • Q2 APPROVE Ethics Commission “Constitutional Amendment”
  • Q3 NO POSITION on “Veterans Home” Bonds
  • Q4 REJECT Wasteful “Innovation Campus & Higher Ed” bonds
  • Q5 REJECT Corporate Cronyism “Infrastructure” bonds
  • Q6 REJECT RhodeMapRI & Property Takeover “Green Economy” bonds
  • Q7 REJECT RhodeMapRI “Affordable Housing” bonds
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