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Statement by Center on RhodeMap RI Adoption

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: December 11, 2014 (2:30 PM) Council Moves Controversial Plan Forward Despite Overwhelming Public Opposition Unanimous Vote Indicates RhodeMap RI was pre-Ordained Insider Deal Providence, RI – “Today we saw the danger of un-elected bureaucrats, accountable to no one, becoming involved in major public policy decisions,” said Mike Stenhouse, CEO for the Rhode Island Center […]

RhodeMap RI Brings Eminent Domain 1-Step Closer

The controversial RhodeMap RI plan, in combination with a 2008 law that seemed pre-sage its creation, would appear to allow for almost unlimited government abuse of the worst kind … the power of governments to seize land from private citizens! [button url=”http://rifreedom.org/2014/12/rhodemap-ri-opens-door-for-eminent-domain/” target=”_blank” size=”medium”] Read the policy brief here[/button]  

Analysis: RhodeMap RI would further weaken Ocean State’s struggling economy

Go to Property Rights / RhodeMapRI home page …  Our Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity, URI Professor Len Lardaro, the RI Public Expenditure Council, Mayor Allan Fung, and many other organizations have been critical of the proposed RhodeMap RI economic development plan for its fundamental lack of basic economics; that despite some worthwhile […]

AN OCEAN STATE DISGRACE. RhodeMapRI opponents, who questioned the plan’s economic viability and potential to infringe on individual property rights and the sovereignty of local governments were branded as “racists” and “Ku Klux Klan” by consortium members who designed the plan itself! This proves our Center’s contention that RhodeMapRI is not a serious economic development plan, […]

Center Challenges Chafee Administration to a Debate

Following an OpEd battle in the Providence Journal, the Center calls for a rigorous debate on this highly controversial issue. Do Rhode Islanders want local housing and land-use decisions being made by un-elected bureaucrats in Washington, DC … or by locally-elected officials? [button url=”http://rifreedom.org/propertyrights/” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ] Read more here [/button]

Our land, our rights, our local government

Originally published in the Providence Journal, October 20, 2014 –   Read Governor Chafee’s OpEd Response – Center/Stenhouse Response   – Related Media Release See public comment letter submitted by the Center  The American Dream once meant ownership of land and a home, with a white picket fence around the yard, as a symbol of independence […]

Center Holds “ABCs of School Choice” Event in Honor of Milton Friedman

Know as the “father of school choice”, Milton Friedman was feted on July 31 in Providence on what would have been his 102nd birthday! Because every child deserves a BRIGHT TODAY educational opportunity. [button url=”http://www.rifreedom.org/ABC” target=”_self” size=”medium” style=”royalblue” ] More on the event [/button]