Center Defends Zero.Zero Report at Commission Hearing

A employee of the RI Department of Revenue, also a member of the Special Joint Legislative Commission to Study Repeal of the State Sales Tax, provided lengthy testimony at the December 3 hearing that questioned the Center’s Zero.Zero report and the modeling tool the Center utilized (STAMP) in making its jobs and revenue projections.

CEO Mike Stenhouse provided a rebuttal and also introduced a 3% sales tax scenario during his testimony.

* Read Stenhouse’s prepared remarks here …

* Watch the Capitol TV video here … Stenhouse testimony begins at the (115:45) mark. Note if link takes you to a generic page, find video in the menu from 12/3/2013.

– At the (134:20) mark the state employee says that … “It’s not a question of are we doing the right thing, or how’s that worked so far, etc …”. Really?

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