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Rhode Island Employment Snapshot, March 2015: A Return to Seasonal Overstatement?

[Click here for the printable one-page PDF of this post.] Rhode Island’s employment data has developed a seasonal pattern — and it isn’t captured in the “seasonal adjustments” that the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) applies to the data. Throughout the spring and early summer, employment numbers in the Ocean State undergo inexplicable improvement […]

POLICY BRIEF: Welfare Reform in Rhode Island

POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS: In tandem with plans to realign the institutional incentives of Rhode Island’s welfare services, the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity recommends the following specific reforms: Implement a cash diversion program for new enrollees. Thirty-three other states have such measures to provide lump-sum cash assistance in lieu of full enrollment in the state’s […]

Education Analysis: RI and National Test Score Trends, Steam Runs Out on Reform

Judging by trends visible using the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s online, interactive tool to compare scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests, Rhode Island’s period of education reform produced some improvements, but they appear to have hit a political ceiling. Key findings show that for Rhode Island students: Previous performance […]

The Case for Expanded Educational Choice in Rhode Island

Return to Ed Choice homepage here | Go to BrightToday.org website The Rhode Island public school system is failing far too many students and families. Collectively, our schools yield one of the lowest values in New England and the nation when it comes to educational performance as compared with per pupil spending. The public recognizes […]