Free-market think tank seeks student interns

2017-18 INTERNSHIP Opportunities: Virtual positions available (contact the Center for more details)

THE RI CENTER FOR FREEDOM & PROSPERITY, Rhode Island’s premier public policy education and research center, seeks ambitious students who would like to sharpen their writing, debating, researching, media and event-organizing skills and learn more about state and local government. If you have a strong interest in political science, public policy, economics, business, history, English, journalism or communications, we encourage you to apply for a RI CENTER FOR FREEDOM internship today.

The ideal intern has above-average writing and/or editing skills and a basic understanding of current events; knowledge of contemporary RI and American history is helpful. A valued quality is an appreciation for – and understanding of – individual liberty, the free market, property rights, and limited government. Intern responsibilities may include: writing for publication, light public policy research, administrative tasks, editing RI CENTER FOR FREEDOM publications, and event planning.

Internship hours are flexible; they can be tailored to fit school, athletic and work schedules. Internships are unpaid positions; however, the RI CENTER FOR FREEDOM will, to the best of its ability, work with those students who wish to receive academic credit for their internship. Additionally, the CENTER FOR FREEDOM offers its assistance in obtaining internships with market-oriented organizations in Washington, DC and around the country. Further, the CENTER will provide information about seminars and scholarship opportunities open to students interested in the principles of liberty.

To apply for a ‘virtual office’ internship, please complete the following steps:

  1. Prepare and send to a minimum 400 word cover letter describing why it is personally and professionally important for you to work with an organization like ours that seeks to advance individual, economic, and educational liberty.
  2. Send your updated resume to the same email
  3. In addition to your cover letter, suggest specific initiatives of the Center, or issues that are of particular interest to you, that you might wish to work on during your internship, and why you believe your are a good fit for that task.

For more information about the internship and THE RI CENTER FOR FREEDOM & PROSPERITY, please contact the CENTER at .


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