Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE)

In 2019, the Rhode Island General Assembly made the major mistake of passing enabling legislation that empowered the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) to develop curricula for various subjects that would be pushed down to every school district in the state … in essence, removing authority from local school districts and, instead, granting near-absolute power to RIDE mandate what is taught to our children.

RIDE Commissioner, Angelica Infante Green, and her staff have usurped this unchecked authority to advance a radical-left (woke) agenda through various “centrally-planned” curricula standards. As parents have become increasingly aware of these inappropriate and controversial teachings, school committee meetings across the state have erupted in debate.

Perhaps nothing better exemplifies the misguided effort to indoctrinate young people with false and divisive narratives than the social studies standards (Standards) recently proposed by the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE).

Incompetent Social Studies Standards

In a February 2023 report, Taken for a RIDE, co-published by our RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, in partnership with the Civics Alliance and the National Association of Scholars, we document in great detail how Rhode Island’s educational establishment plans to systematically “teach students to hate their country, its history, and its ideals, and to know only distorted tatters of the history of the world.”

The report, subtitled How RI’s Incompetent Social Studies Standards Shortchange Students by Teaching Radical Activism Instead of America’s Birthright of Liberty, is a clear indictment of the extent to which woke educators seek to inculcate false and divisive narratives into young students, and to keep them ignorant about America’s true ideals and history.

“The Standards do not teach Rhode Island’s children what freedom is,” said David Randall, report author and Executive Director of the Civics Alliance. “Nor do the Standards teach where America’s ideas of freedom come from in the long history of Western civilization, nor how our ancestors achieved their freedom, nor how our laws, republican institutions, and limitation of the scope of govern­ment preserve our freedom, nor what they need to do to preserve their country’s liberty.”

Inappropriate and Harmful Sex-Ed Curricula

Watch this explosive In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse interview with Ramona Bessinger, a Providence, Rhode Island school teacher, who after an exemplary 20+ year career was recently suspended for daring to speak out against what she believes – and we believe – are RIDE’s inappropriate, if not shocking, “pleasure-based” sex-ed curricula.

In this episode, my guest will lead us through a deep-dive discussion and a close look into the so-called “HealthSmart” curricula that the RIDE is currently pushing onto all public school students in our Ocean State.

Romona Interview