2016 Freedom Index – Live Bill Tracker

Below are 2016 bills that our Center is tracking, with preliminary ratings and descriptions. Legislators who vote in favor of a negatively rated bill will
receive a negative score … and vice versa. SEE Overview and Helpful Tips BELOW. CONTACT YOUR REP or SENATOR ABOUT A PARTICULAR
Email, call, or Tweet them!  Contact info here … Feedback on our initial ratings is welcome and may be emailed to: info@rifreedom.org.

Overview: This interactive bill tracker is a snapshot of the bills being considered by RI General Assembly members in 2016 that have been rated to infringe upon or preserve our freedoms. Each qualifying bill, respectively, is rated from (-3) to (+3). For instance, by voting for a positively rated bill, the legislator will earn positive points, while voting against a positive bill would earn negative points. Conversely, voting for a negatively rated bill will earn negative points for the legislator, while voting against a negative bill would earn positive points.

Legislators with a negative Total Score will receive a Weighted-Index rating between 0 and 50.

Legislators with a positive Total Score will receive a Weighted-Index rating between 50 and 100.

Helpful Tips:

  • Click on the drop-down at the top-right of the scorecard to filter for bills in specific categories.
  • Click on any column heading to sort
  • Click on the Filter button then start typing in a header area filter for specific values
  • Click HERE to see the Rhode Island Freedom Index Rating Metric.
Disclaimer: The Rhode Island Freedom Index is an aggregation of the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity’s non-partisan analysis and rating of bills voted on by the Rhode Island Legislature during each legislative session. The Rhode Island Freedom Index is not intended to serve as either an express or an implied endorsement or rejection of any candidate for public office. The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity recognizes that there are inherent limitations in judging the qualifications of any legislator on the basis of a selected number of votes, and legislative activities such as performance on committees and constituent services are not reflected in the scores of the Rhode Island Freedom Index.

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