Capacity Crowd of Hundreds Attends Center’s Annual Fundraising Banquet

Banquet Guest: “It was great to see so many people together for the same purpose.” “Great speaker. Great job of getting so many people to attend.” "That was a quantum leap forward for the Center."

Conservatives in Rhode Island should be encouraged by the great turnout and enthusiasm at our Ocean State Freedom Banquet. With the left engaged in open warfare among Kennedy moderates and radical progressives, if the right can unify behind principled leadership, the failed status quo in our state can be defeated.

This was a great event and well organized I may add. They “hit it out of the park” with Stephen Moore as the guest speaker. He was so good and so articulate that he was just like EF Hutton, when he talked, everyone listened.

The center does an excellent job in all of their events, and the speakers are always excellent. They outdid themselves this time. This one could not have gone better and I was blessed to be able to not only be there, but to have my guests take this great message in as well. We all have you to thank for the opportunity.