The Left’s Assault on RI Families

Rhode Island’s ruling class is working against the interests of families by adopting extremist ideologies

Has our own government become the enemy of Ocean State families?

Corrupt insiders win … families lose!

It’s time to restore traditional family values – “love of country” and “trust in God” 


Rhode Island families are disillusioned … and under assault from their own government:

  • Economicallyinflation & high taxes are robbing family budgets
  • Educationallypoliticized curricula are failing our children
  • Culturally – controversial & divisive theories are turning our society upside down
  • Religiouslyintolerance for God, Christians, and Jews is fueling hate and restricting religious freedom
  • Emotionallythe bombardment of age-inappropriate content is leading to mental health issues among our youth
  • Physicallycrime, drugs, woke transgender policies, and the erosion of self-defense rights put family members at risk of  bodily harm
  • Patrioticallyanimosity towards America and her founding fathers, as pushed by the Left, is creating enemies within

The preservation and advancement of the well-being of families and children should be the foremost goal of our society and government. Every resident of Rhode Island aspires to live in a peaceful and prosperous society, and every family wishes for a bright future for their children.

Yet, here in our state, families are being ripped apart by a radical agenda that undermines traditional family values and seeks to transition children into political pawns.

Centuries of empirical evidence and common sense have shown that a stable and nurturing family environment is the best path to a productive future. The “success sequence”, supported by extensive research, is that path, which consists of three main pillars: 1) completing a quality education and earning at least a high school diploma; 2) securing full-time employment; and 3) marrying before having children. Following these steps alone can provide young adults with more than a 97% chance of avoiding poverty.

However, virtually all significant societal and economic issues we encounter today can be attributed to the breakdown of the traditional family structure and its security, which in turn leads to the collapse of faith.

Alarmingly, between 2018 and 2022, 32 percent of RI infants were born to a mother with less than a high school diploma, while 34 percent of fathers had less than a high school diploma. These troubling trends can be largely attributed to destructive public policies in our state that erode one or more of these pillars, encroach upon our freedoms, and impose more politicized government control over our lives. For instance, as we describe below, many of our state’s public assistance programs actually create a “marriage penalty” for couples who want to tie the knot.

Unfairly, for those of you who do study, obtain a good job, and get married … all too often your hard-earned tax dollars are redistributed to others who weren’t responsible enough to follow this path!

These misguided policies often stem from corruption, where government bureaucrats prioritize serving insider special interest groups and agendas – especially when under public pressure from progressive activists, the media, and academia – which inevitably results in negative consequences for families and taxpayers.

The Washington Bridge debacle exemplifies the potential consequences of a state government’s corrupt dealings with one special interest group – public and private sector unions – resulting in significant incompetence and waste as well as danger for all of us. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation was aware of the bridge’s structural issues since 2012, but for over a decade, they concealed the report and failed to take action to protect the safety of motorists. Rather than spending $8 million on repairs at that time, unionized construction firms now stand to gain as much as $300 million of taxpayer money to reconstruct the entire bridge. This raises the question we must often ask: who wins and who loses?

Low-income families, with under-educated children, have been voting for liberal-left candidates for decades … and they’re still poor, with un-educated kids!

Corrupt Identity Politics. In a disturbingly large number of instances, important public policy issues are decided upon based on false narratives manufactured and advanced by self-serving special-interest groups … often inventing new categories of victims who ostensibly suffer from some contrived or  fake injustice. These “identity politics” narratives are then perpetrated by the compliant local media, academia, and liberal advocacy groups … then, finally, legislative and executive actions are enacted to address these pretend “social inequities”, resulting in benefits for the special interest few at the expense of the well-being of the many Ocean State families.

The public has lost complete faith in our government, which increasingly is ruled by politicians who are beholden to these obviously false narratives … and voters will put their support behind candidates who offer a change … a realistic, taxpayer-centric approach.

The gross corruption of governmental officials – beholden to these false narratives and the extremists who support them; elected and and appointed officials who oversee policies in the economy, education, housing, and the environment as well as of compliant judges in the courts – is robbing our children of their rightful opportunity for a bright and prosperous future in our Ocean State … all so that crony insiders will benefit instead.

Who wins and who loses?

In short, RI public policy has become an “assault” on Ocean State families … in favor of selfish and corrupt insider cronies and their false narratives.

The Left’s War on Women

In Washington, DC, the Biden Administration’s 2024 reckless reforms to Title IX, which will put the safety of boys and girls at risk, seeks to reshape and dismantle the role of families in the raising and education of their children, by inventing and mandating a new set of rights for gender-denying students, which have no constitutional basis.

In response, Americans are revolting and many state superintendents across America have issued directives NOT TO COMPLY with these dangerous new woke rules.

Back here in Rhode Island, and as detailed throughout this post, families are under further assault from our own state government and the progressive Left, beginning with RI’s Education Commissioner, Angelica Infante-Green, who refuses to change RIDE’s anti-family guidance on school transgender policies.

The critical question is whether or not state lawmakers will “wake up” to the harsh realities of the consequences of the Left’s misguided policies.

While not everyone can be raised in a stable family environment, and while we have a responsibility to support citizens in our state who may be in real need, elected officials should continually strive to adopt public polices that reward marriage, promote a thriving economy with a low cost of living and free-market business climate, and provide a meaningful public educational system that respects parental rights.

The Proof – The Great Ocean State Exodus

No other metric best illustrates the oppressive nature of RI’s failed public polices than the well-documented pattern of graduates, retirees, middle- and upper-income families, and high-net-worth individuals fleeing our state … reducing our state’s tax base and limiting the amount of capital available to invest in starting or expanding a business, or to donate to charitable organizations.

These productive citizens are being replaced, in large part, by undocumented immigrants who often rely on public assistance – tax dollar eaters instead of tax dollar producers.

Our Ocean State’s population has stagnated in recent decades and has not kept pace with population growth in other states. As such, most experts agree that Rhode Island will lose one of its two prized House of Representative seats in the US Congress after the 2030 Census.

Here’s how our own government has become the enemy of RI families:


On the economic front, family budgets are stressed to the breaking point. Because of oppressive regulations, not only is our state one of the worst states in which to start a business and create jobs, but Rhode Island suffers from one of the highest costs of living in America due to high taxes and inflation-causing regulatory and spending policies that reduce supplies and raise demand. Our Ocean State is also one of the most expensive states for seniors to retire.

The average 2-parent Rhode Island family will pay over $1,369,000 in taxes throughout their lifetime … over 30% higher than the US average!

Also, family savings have completely reversed (-72% drop) under the Biden’s control over the national economy as compared with Trump’s (+129% rise).

The “tax the rich” and spend mentality of the progressive-left actually makes worse the problem of wealth inequality by robbing low income families of opportunities for upward mobility; instead of encouraging them to become dependent on government assistance.

When income or wealth is over-taxed at the individual or corporate level, there is less incentive to invest cash (capital) to hire and pay workers or to start or expand a businesses, while at the same time driving high-income investors out of Rhode Island and to other, less oppressive, states.

These kind of natural and human reactions are why increased taxation often leads to decreased revenues to the government.

Such counter-productive policies that borrow opportunity from future generations, in order to satisfy the demands of corrupt insiders, inevitably lead to many negative and unintended economic consequences for families:

  • Soaring “Local” Inflation (High Cost Of Living) means families are losing thousands of dollars of purchasing power each year, as prices on many staples continue to rise. Groceries cost too much. Clothing costs too much. Housing costs too much. Electricity costs too much.
    • On top of the national inflation problem, Ocean State politicians have made local inflation even worse. RI politicians have continually and mindlessly collected billions of of dollars in federal aid and hundreds of millions in wasteful spending bonds … most of which end up in the pockets of insider cronies and special interest groups.
    • It’s a basic “supply and demand” situation: Combined with over-regulation (which limits output, or supply), these unchecked levels of federal & bond funds and indiscriminate state spending (which increases consumer spending power, or demand) are a direct and major cause why local prices have risen so significantly. 
    • For too many families, rises in family incomes are not keeping pace with rises in the local cost of living. “Shrinkflation”, where consumers get LESS product for the same spend, is also a direct cause of government over-spending.
  • “Real” wages for families (income as compared with inflation) have fallen by 2.54% under the progressive policies of progressives in the White House
  • High housing costs in RI are significantly higher than the national average, while misguided over-regulation by government has reduced the number of units to rent and homes to buy. Housing prices have exploded past the level of affordability for an increasing number of Rhode Islanders, with lack of availability even a bigger concern. Never-ending government regulation in the housing industry has reduced the number of available units, while increasing costs on builders, sellers, and landlords … all of which are passed onto buyers and renters.
    • Property Taxes are among the highest in America, largely due to overly-generous collective bargaining agreements with unionized public employees
    • Most new and available public housing units are being developed for the benefit of illegal immigrants and NOT for hard-working Ocean State families.
    • SOLUTION: Allow natural market forces to determine what gets built, free from onerous regulation. Repeal 2014 “RhodeMapRI” regulations that mandate social-engineering and urban-planning policies (such as “sustainable development” and “smart growth”) that artificially increase the cost of building and restrict the supply of home and rental units. End free housing policies for illegal immigrants.
  • Ever increasing cost of utilities and exploding energy prices, while simultaneously decreasing energy choices, when it comes to heating our homes and driving our vehicles. Our government’s foolish race to be the first net-zero-emissions state … will actually result in zero world-wide benefit … but will impose massive energy costs upon families, while limiting our freedom of choice. Who wins and who loses?
    • In recent years, RI lawmakers enacted green energy mandates for power suppliers and voluntary entered our state into a regional cap-and-trade market … each of which artificially drives up the cost of electricity, hoping many families will use less
      • The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is a regional compact between participating states, whose goal is to artificially raise electricity prices
    • By next decade, Rhode Island motorists will be banned from buying lower-cost gas powered cars, and will be forced to buy significantly higher-priced and less-reliable Electric Vehicles … because state lawmakers mandated that RI must follow California’s (CARB) oppressive vehicle emissions standards
    • The “Act On Climate”, passed by RI lawmakers in 2021, supports our state’s  unachievable path to eliminate carbon emissions … a path that will lead to increased utility and energy prices even more rapidly than we have seen in recent decades.
      • SOLUTIONS: Accept the reality of the limitations of green energy. Repeal the Act of Climate and end RI’s voluntary membership in RGGI and CARB
  • Fewer good paying jobs will be available for many Rhode Islanders as they are increasingly going to illegal immigrants welcomed into our state by Rhode Island’s and Providence’s “sanctuary state” and “sanctuary city” policies.
    • Small businesses, the main source of jobs in our state, are being crowded out by high local inflation and oppressive regulations imposed by progressive lawmakers that make it costly to produce goods or provide services
    • Also, RI’s high and ever-increasing minimum wage mandates, means employers will hire fewer workers and will cut back on the hours of part-time or hourly workers.
    • SOLUTION: Reform RI’s minimum wage laws to match the federal minimum wage minimums. This will increase job availability and allow good-performing workers to quickly earn higher wages from employers who will want to keep them.
  • Reductions in Public Assistance for low-middle income families are at threat because of the Left’s misguided polices. First, the influx of illegal immigrants means more public funds are being diverted away from long-time Rhode Island resident families. Second, our high tax and cost-of-living environment means thousands of people are leaving our state every year, which will lead to a loss of one of our two prized House of Representative seats in the US Congress … resulting in lower levels of federal aid for Rhode Island. Who wins and who loses?


Most disturbing of all, is that the Left and our government is now focusing its assault on families with a targeted war on our children.

The RI Department of Education is a failed institution. RIDE is not preparing our children for a prosperous future and for life informed citizens … and they are doing so on purpose!

Ocean State families are fed up and have lost trust in a failing government-run public school system that is increasingly controlled by corrupt teacher unions and radical left ideologues. Many families are seeking to escape the system and are desperate in seeking alternative options.

Both major teacher unions in RI have persistently stood in the way of significant educational reform by threatening to use their massive political war chest to oust lawmakers who do not support the agenda of union bosses. In recent years, both the AFT and the NEA rejected calls to focus more on objective subjects like math, science, and English … and instead make the politically subjective issue of “social justice” a priority in K-12 schools. Who wins and who loses?

Teacher unions, with their long-time special-interest and insider crony status, have more recently devolved into just another radical-left activist group that use alleged concern for students to attain power and influence. The reality, however, is while they care about teachers, they harm students far more than they help them. 

One example is teachers unions’ opposition to school choice. Those who actually care about students support the right of parents to choose their children’s schools—just as many teachers do when they send their own children to schools of their choice.

A second example is teachers unions’ making it nearly impossible to fire incompetent teachers.

A third example was teachers unions’ demands that schools lock down for nearly two years during the COVID-19 era. The unions did so despite there being no scientific evidence in support of school lockdowns and despite ample warnings that many children would suffer intellectually, scholastically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Moreover, wrote John H. Cochrane of the Hoover Institution in The Wall Street Journal, “When schools went remote, parents found out what was actually going on inside the classrooms. Teachers were coaching students to hate themselves, their country and their religious traditions, and sexualizing young children.”

The last point brings us to a fourth example: Teachers rob young students of their sexual innocence with premature talk of, and books that deal with, overt sexual activity, and the infamous use of drag queens to perform in front of children as young as 6 years old.

Just how left-wing teachers organizations are was made clear by the sympathetic left-wing magazine The Nation in January:

A rank-and-file campaign inside the National Education Association is demanding the president stop ‘sending military funding, equipment, and intelligence to Israel.’ … But the rank-and-file campaign goes beyond [that]. … Members want the [National Education Association] to revoke its endorsement of Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential race until the president … stops ‘sending military funding, equipment, and intelligence to Israel.’

That was only two months after Oct. 7.

Save our kids from the woke Left

Sadly, many believe that we must save our kids from RIDE – the RI Department of Education. In fact a petition drive calling for the resignation of commissioner Angelic Infante-Green has garnered hundreds of signatures and scathing comments.

The lack of educational achievement among students, combined with the cultural attack on children and parents … is even more troubling.

In 2019 the RI General Assembly granted RIDE with the authority to develop statewide curricula standards for core subjects … however, since then, under the direction of Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green, RIDE has proven to be wholly irresponsible and unworthy of such authority.

Instead of pursuing a traditional “content-based” curricula strategy, an objective method of teaching factual material, RIDE has adopted a more subjective and controversial approach, often referred to as “concept-based” pedagogy. In Rhode Island’s case, the Socialist worldview of Infante-Green and her “America as oppressors” point-of-view is persistently woven through almost all RIDE-recommended instructional content.

  • SOLUTION: Repeal the 2019 statue that empowered RIDE with curricula authority and return related decisions to locally-elected school committee officials, as Senate bill S2518 attempted to achieve in 2024.

The Marxification of Education in RI: On RIDE’s own website, the prominent Marxist Paulo Freire is prominently quoted. Freire’s “critical pedagogy,” whose theoretical roots are derived directly from Marxism, seeks to indoctrinate students to become critical agents of social change.

RIDE has failed in its mission to prepare children for college and life, while also leading the way in advancing a woke, social justice agenda that has divided local communities.

Education or Indoctrination?

  • Failing statewide test scores that have not recovered to pre-pandemic levels, despite ever-increasing spending
    • Graduation rate racial disparities remain far too high
  • A radicalized and divisive curricula that politicizes education by advancing controversial race and gender theories and by exposing young children to age-inappropriate sexually explicit materials.
    • Anti-American History. RIDE’s 2023 social studies standards adopt the Marxist tenets of Critical Race Theory; teaches students to hate America, men, and Christians; and advances the notion that America was founded so as to “oppress” minority and native population
    • Censorship. RIDE partnered with a so-called “media literacy” group, which in reality, instructs teachers on how to censor credible political views and media organizations – in K-12 schools – just because they offered a conservative political analysis
    • America’s two major teacher unions – the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association – openly support a progressive-left agenda that puts politics ahead of student achievement
    • Another major player in corrupting the minds of young students with inappropriate content is the American Library Association, which continually pushes member school librarians to display and make available sexually explicit and other anti-American, anti-God, and pro LGBTQ books.
  • The rights of parents are continually eroded, by forced “woke” teachings in schools about sensitive personal and cultural issues that only parents should discuss with their own children.
    • To radical woke education officials, parents are considered the enemy of their own children, if moms and dads do not support the transgender delusions of their kids
    • Many education experts believe that just around the corner is the threat of the State physically seeking to remove children from their loving families because they refuse to comply with gender-denying programs that being pushed by school officials.
  • Lack of confidence is public schools is demonstrated by the alarming levels of student and teacher absenteeism, as well as increasing numbers of students and teachers fleeing the public school system entirely

Of course, not every family objects to the issues raised above … as many parents believe that the government should have more say in the raising and education of children. Some parents may also believe in some of the teachings that others find controversial or inappropriate.

  • SOLUTION: Expand school choice options for families. Given these emotional differences of opinion on what is being taught to our children, it is more important than ever for families in Rhode Island to be afforded the same choices that parents in dozens of other states presently enjoy. More school choice opportunities … in the form of educational scholarship accounts that provide for some level of public money to follow each student to the public, private, parochial, or home school of their family’s choice … must be instituted in our state.
  • At a higher level, even greater educational freedom is required in our public , including full curricula transparency, full parental notification polices, with greater awareness and opportunities for parents to opt their children out of some of the controversial surveys and other Social and Emotional Learning programs that school officials now persistently expose to young students.


The Left’s assault on RI families is decades old. The great American “pursuit of happiness” begins with a safe, prosperous, and optimistic family environment … yet Ocean State lawmakers have continually undermined these pillars of happiness.
  • Stand Up For Marriage: Promoting and glorifying “fatherlessness”, while paying single women to have more children … leads to increased levels of poverty, crime, school drop-outs, drug use, and incarceration for our children. Men and women who stay married accumulate much greater wealth and live far more meaningful lives than those who don’t marry. (from the book Get Married, 2024, by Brad Wilcox)
    • Eliminate the Marriage Penalty: Income eligibility guidelines for receiving government assistance continually punishes couples, financially, if the were to marry. POLICY SOLUTION: MARRIAGE SHOULD BE POSITIVELY INCENTIVIZED.
    • A 2024 Gallup survey found that married adults consistently rate their lives far more highly as “thriving” as compared with others.
  • Acceptance of a drug culture, including the legalization of marijuana; Oregon has recently rescinded its 2-year old drug legalization policies and will now re-criminalize drug possession after disastrous increases in deaths
  • Mask & vaccine mandates during the pandemic that infringed on constitutional rights and cost many family members their jobs. Who wins and who loses?
  • The pressure to adopt DEI policies in government institutions, in public schools, and in corporations … has led to the loss of jobs and discrimination against family members who do not fully conform with woke philosophy or who do not check certain boxes.
  • Woke transgender policies – that defy medical and biologic realities – often inflict permanent emotional (and physical harm) to individuals confused about their gender
  • Abortion. A ‘death culture’ that glorifies abortion. It is the Left who holds the extreme and non-mainstream views on the killing of babies in the mother’s womb. 75% of Rhode Islanders believe in some restrictions on abortion. However, the Left believes in no restrictions and openly promotes: gruesome late-term and partial-birth procedures; taxpayer funding of the taking of a life; as well as NO parental notification or approval for minors seeking this life-ending procedure.
  • Leftists also have submitted legislation in RI to once again make prostitution legal … which would encourage child and human trafficking and exploitation
In a 2024 press release, the Clare Boothe Luce Center found in a survey, that “the beliefs and aspirations of young women (largely believed to be the most woke) often unify around conservative principles, particularly those centered on femininity and family values,” regardless of political affiliation.
The Left’s #AssaultOnTheRIFamily must end. And, if we all work together and take a principled stand, we are going to end it for them!


The emerging mental health crisis developing among Ocean State youth, and recognized by virtually every expert. Woke teachings in K-12 schools that all but tell young males that they are misogynist’s, whites that they are racist, blacks that they are less capable, and religious students that they are foolish , often create anxiety that require professional help.

The increased emotional instability of students and their decreased social development, was exacerbated by the the mishandling of the pandemic by education officials, forcing students to wear masks and isolating them to home-based learning and away from their friends.

In legalizing recreational marijuana, RI lawmakers put regular users on a 25% path towards developing a severe mental disorder, with an increased risk of suicidal tendencies … according to recent studies in the US and Europe.

Further, often bullish social media engagement along with perverse Hollywood and television storylines, only add to the confusing and destabilizing influences that our children are constantly subjected to.

To top it all off, the age-inappropriate sexual, gender, and racial themes regularly pushed by most schools … only adds to the problem. Imagine being taught to question your own God-given personal characteristics or to question whether your home and you parents might not be a ‘safe space’ for you to live.

No wonder the Left’s assault on children has been so devastating to their emotional well-being.


Extreme radicals on the Left literally are seeking to tear your family apart. If parents refuse to affirm certain delusions of their children – including the desire for harmful gender-transitioning procedures – woke LGBTQ activists are working to authorized the State to remove your children from your care … and make them wards of the State. They are even looking to turn many school buildings into 24/7 full-service campuses, that will house children removed from their families.

Young students in government-run schools in RI are continually groomed to engage in unsafe and age-inappropriate sexual activity or to consider radical gender transitioning procedures such as chemical castration and surgical mutilation of sexual organs that often cause irreversible physical and emotional harm.

The Left’s recent push to not prosecute or to release violent criminals back into society makes our homes, streets, and local communities more dangerous for families. Who wins and who loses?

The incidents of bullying, assaults, and other crimes within schools is also on the rise due to the ignorant compliance of woke school officials to the narrative that certain groups of students should not be held accountable for their violent or threatening actions (called ‘restorative justice’).

Violent incident in schools are on the rise, physically harming many students and staff … while often there is little to no recrimination for the assaulting perpetrators. The Left’s “restorative justice” mindset forbids schools from reporting many incidents of violence perpetrated by minority students (in order to make the numbers look better); a misguided philosophy that allows criminally-inclined students to remain in schools and on the streets.

As fentanyl and other illegal drugs are the number one killer of 18- to 45-year olds in America, our state government’s lax approach towards drug use, even providing “safe injection sites” for addicts, creates even more lethal concerns for families. The state of Oregon recently rescinded its open-drug-use polices after an alarming rise in the number of drug-related fatalies were recorded.

The transgender policies more and more school district are adopting (at the federal government’s encouragement) that allow boys in girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, bedrooms (on overnight field trips), and athletic fields … puts young girls and women at serious physical risk.

Additionally, persistent assaults by RI lawmakers on our constitutionally guaranteed Second-Amendment rights, means families will have fewer options when it comes to protecting themselves from crime and violent intruders.

Our state’s tyrannical dictates during the pandemic, combined with its lax approach towards crime and drug use … has led to death, permanent disability, or severe medical conditions of family members.

The school mask mandates recommended by the RI Department of Health during the Covid pandemic, and supported by Governor McKee, caused “irreparable harm” to students, ruled a RI Superior Court judge in a related lawsuit; a lawsuit that also led to a rare public hearing where members of the public could voice their concerns about the harms to their children (watch highlights here). The General Assembly failed in its oversight duties to intervene and protect our kids from this unconstitutional and negligent governmental over-reach.

For children and young adults, the chemical castration and surgical mutilation of transgender transitioning procedures often lead to permanent infertility and lifelong medical problems and surgeries.


The Left’s disdain for those who believe in God continues to grow. Keeping in mind that “In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United States, in recent years, many woke and progressive activists now refer to peaceful, God-fearing Christians … as “Christian Nationalists” … as if believers in Christ are some kind of terrorist who should be monitored by the justice department.

There is a direct correlation between being raised in a married family with a mom and a dad and a commitment to faith. The collapse of family and faith, brought on by the Godless and Marxist polices pushed by the woke Left, are the major causes of our society’s problems.


Today’s Left can be characterized by a deep-seated animosity towards every-day Americans and their patriotism to the USA. This antipathy is based on visceral disdain for rural, white, male, small-business-owning, religious, married straight parents … and towards America itself. This hostility is increasingly reflected in government policy and in K-12 school curricula.

This disdain is rampant within the Left: progressives, socialists, Marxists, identity politics activists, and other blue-leaning groups all share this animosity towards red America. While each group may have its own specific grievances and interests, they are united in their contempt for traditional American beliefs.

The Left is united by an emotional belief that all of the perceived injustices in our society  – that they have dishonestly contrived – have been caused by centuries of American-style oppression.

The Left is constantly creating new classes of victims and claimed victim rights … and they believe that these injustices must be addressed by direct government action, no matter what rights of the rest of us might be infringed upon.

They believe that by dismantling the civilization built by previous generations of Americans,  through government mandates and tyranny, they can redistribute the spoils of power and wealth to their respective victim classes.

This Left’s anti-American sentiments and their desire for power and vengeance has been a driving force behind many of the most divisive policies and government actions in recent years. From efforts to punish achievement, indoctrinate students, defund the police and abolish ICE, to calls for reparations and the erasure of history … the left’s agenda is driven by a desire to punish those who believe in – or live – the American Dream.

The many different factions within the Left are increasingly at odds with each other. But despite their shared and unifying hatred of America, major cracks are developing within their coalition, while more and more Americans are becoming aware of their anti-patriotic agenda.

Rhode Island voters must come to realize that they have the power to undo these destructive and divisive policies … and that they can reverse our societal-rot … by supporting candidates, policies, and organizations that seek to advance the American Dream.


More on Saving Our Kids from RIDE

Is there any real difference between the disgraced Harvard University President, Claudine Gay, and RI’s Commissioner of Education, Angelica Infante-Green?
  • Each oversees a falling educational institution that puts woke politics ahead of student achievement
  • Each were lauded with the meaningless trope of being the first “person of color” to lead their respective organizations
  • Each has failed in their current positions, which they were not professionally qualified for in the first place
  • Each is a product of the divisive DEI philosophy, which puts skin color and fealty to the BIPOC agenda ahead of an actual record of accomplishment
  • Each has suppressed freedom of expression, by engaging in vindictive and unwarranted administrative punishment of faculty who publicly disagreed with the woke narrative
  • Each, under the guise of advancing an “anti-racist” mindset, is openly supportive of the “racial justice” or “social equity” agenda
  • Each has promoted racist policies or guidelines that poison the minds of students against their country, their Caucasian brothers and sisters, and/or God
  • Each is engaged in corruption scandals that would disqualify any other head of an organization, were they not members of a protected class
  • Each is facing public calls for their resignation or replacement
  • Each remains in power only because those who appointed them do not have the courage to acknowledge that their faux diversity narrative has failed their institutions
When it comes to our Ocean State’s failed government-run public educational system, bold actions are required to Save Our Kids from the RI Department of Education (RIDE):
  • DEI
  • CRT
  • ESL
  • CSE
  • Transgender policies that ask school officials to lie to parents
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