Yes, I oppose Governor McKee’s vaping tax that will increase smoking disease and deaths


In yet another assault on Ocean State families, Governor McKee’s proposal to impose a massive tax on vaping products will actually cause increased medical risk to the people of Rhode Island.

Public health is at stake with this short-sighted tax, which will create a dis-incentive for smokers who want to “kick the habit” by transitioning to far less harmful vaping.

The Governor’s massive 80% tax scheme, along with a ban on flavored vaping products, will hurt our state’s economy as legitimate vape shops will be forced to close, while employees will lose their jobs … as smokers and vapers are driven into the underground black market, where unregulated, dangerous, and illegitimate vape products are sold from China and other unsavory players.

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  • The rejection of Gov McKee’s 80% wholesale tax on vaping and plan to codify the ban on flavored vapor products, focusing instead on policies benefiting all Rhode Islanders.

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Dear Lawmakers,

I’m writing to ask you to oppose Governor McKee’s proposed vaping tax in the 2025 budget. This tax would harm both our state’s economy and public health of families.

[Your Comments]

Research shows vaping is less harmful than smoking and helps people quit. McKee’s tax would make vaping less accessible and could lead to more disease and deaths among Rhode Island smokers.

Rhode Island’s lack of vape tax attracts shoppers from neighboring states benefiting local businesses. Implementing this tax would drive consumers to seek cheaper options elsewhere, hurting our economy and possibly allowing dangerous counterfeit products into our state.

Prohibitionist measures, like the Volstead Act for alcohol, have historically led to underground markets and crime. McKee’s proposal risks similar consequences.

Rhode Island has made strides in reducing smoking. Let’s not reverse this progress based on false narratives. Please reject McKee’s oppressively high 80% wholesale tax on vaping and his plan to codify the existing RIDOH regulatory ban on flavored vapor products. Instead,  focus on policies that benefit all Rhode Islanders.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Your Name]

[Your City/Town, RI]

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