Take action to support the “Protect Our Children Act” – S2219 & H8230  – to close the loophole that allows those in positions of authority to engage in sexual acts with children!

Enough. It’s time to defend our children! By taking this action, you are demanding that state lawmakers close the loophole that allows those in positions of power to engage in sexual acts with children. Just complete the form on this page and an email of support will automatically be sent to multiple members of the General Assembly leadership.

Text that will be emailed to key elected officials upon each submission of this form:

As a concerned Rhode Island citizen, I SUPPORT Senate bill #S2219 and House bill H8230 that expand the definition of “Sexual Assault” to include the acts of any person in a “position of authority” over children under the age of eighteen (18) to include any form of “sexual contact’.

Current law only includes “sexual penetration.” Enough is enough, it is outrageous that this is allowed in the Ocean State.

As the “naked body-fat testing” scandal continues to unfold in the North Kingstown school district, it has become crystal-clear that Rhode Island’s sexual assault laws must be reformed.

As a citizen of the state, I expect the General Assembly take action and pass this most serious legislation immediately. There are no excuses.

NOTE: When you submit this action, an email will automatically be sent to multiple education officials which will include your first name and city; it is your option whether or not to include your last name and email address as well. You will then be directed to a new page asking you to share this action on social media. We need to increase the number of people seeing this important action, so we encourage you to share this page on social media. Thank you.