Guidelines of Conduct for the Beachhead Coalition

1. Focus on Coalition Goals: Always prioritize the Coalition’s mission of establishing a Beachhead for Freedom and spreading the principle of ‘America’s birthright of freedom’.

2. No Public Criticism: Disagreeing is acceptable, but avoid publicly criticizing other teammates, whether on this thread, social media, or any other platform.

3. Address Issues, Not People: The focus should remain on discussing issues and principles rather than individuals. Avoid naming or citing anyone, even if you agree with them, only the information gleaned.

4. Avoid Guilt by Association: Refrain from attributing beliefs or actions to others based solely on their association with a particular group or individual.

5. Encourage Honest Debate: Open and honest debate on issues is encouraged within the thread, but always maintain respect for others’ perspectives.

6. Promote Group Events: Feel free to publicize your group’s events on the thread to keep everyone informed and engaged. Also, contact Geeta to have them listed on the event’s calendar.

7. Seek Private Conversations for Clarifications: If there’s a need for deeper discussion or clarification, it’s encouraged to have private conversations, preferably by phone, to avoid misinterpretations common in texts, emails, or other messaging platforms. Never share a private message sent to you by another coalition member without their express consent.

8. Work Together Effectively: Recognize that minor disagreements and misunderstandings are inevitable, but strive to work together cohesively for the greater mission of advancing freedom in the Ocean State.