The Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI)

Summary: The Center’s new Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI) provides state lawmakers with a more comprehensive view of the larger state economic picture, as opposed to the narrow snapshot in the monthly unemployment rate, so that they can better craft public policy.


RI’s Rank On JOI Out Of 50 States

For employment data to be an accurate representation of the economy in any state, it must take into account the lived experience of the people who reside and work there.  Moreover, for comparisons across time and across states, additional benchmarks are necessary. A more-complete economic index would measure a larger (or smaller) opportunity for Rhode Islanders to engage in meaningful work, to earn a livelihood for their families, and to increase their mobility for advancement up the income ladder. The Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI) is that more-complete index.

Monthly Analysis

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JOI is a national index of states that incorporates three major factors, comprised of over a dozen variables derived from government reported data:

  1. A proper measure of employment as it relates to labor force,
  2. A measure of job/employment levels as compared with public assistance rolls, and;
  3. A measure of personal income as compared with government tax receipts collected

About JOI:

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