Tell Governor McKee to VETO the Ocean State’s version of the Green New Deal… and State Legislators to sustain his veto.

By signing this action, you will be informing Governor Dan McKee and legislators that you strongly oppose  Rhode Island’s own version of the Green New Deal, which is purposefully designed to increase costs on your family or business. Don’t wait, thousands of emails have been sent. Your voice makes a difference.

Subject: STOP Rhode Island’s Green New Deal now!

Dear Governor Dan McKee and Rhode Island Legislators,

Rhode Island’s version of the Green New Deal (H5445 & S0078) must not become law.

Governor McKee, I am asking you to veto this costly legislation. There is no better opportunity for you to live up to your promises as an advocate for the small business community and to take decisive action to relieve businesses of excessive green mandates and to ensure our state’s long-term viability.

Legislators, it is vital that you sustain the governor’s veto. There are more-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions than to cede authority to unelected bureaucrats, most of whom support a socialist agenda. It is your responsibility to make public policy, not the unaccountable ECCCC.

We all want a clean environment, but I oppose this Green New Deal bill for the following reasons:

  • The transfer of power to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats is a betrayal of our democratic and representative form of government.
  • Higher costs of energy will be imposed on families and businesses, along with the loss of freedom to make our own energy choices. In a free-society, government should not impose such burdens, especially when we all are struggling to recover from the pandemic.
  • Per former RI Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders, this legislation would lead to a “legal free for all,” putting individuals and businesses at risk of being sued.
  • The estimated tens of thousands in costs that every property owner will all eventually be asked to pay in order to retrofit our home or business heating and insulation systems.

And finally, these harsh burdens will bear virtually no environmental benefit. Nothing our small state can do will have any impact on the global climate. The United States is already leading the way in producing less carbon through innovative technological advances. 

This job-killing, budget-destroying green new deal must not become a reality. It is not too late, the public is watching. 


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