It’s Time to ‘Name Names’ of Those Indoctrinating Our Kids with CRT in RI Classrooms!

Do you know a teacher, school board member, or town councilor who is actively teaching or who has openly supported or voted to advance the controversial Critical Race Theory principles that are dividing our communities? Or any other illicit teachings that divide our communities?

If so, let us know about it by using the form.  The indoctrination of our children with anti-American and inappropriate propaganda must be stopped. By sending us detailed notes and documentation, you can help expose those who are responsible for infringing on our parental rights.

And it’s not just race-based theories we want to hear about: Oppressive Covid mandates, inappropriate sex-education materials, radical gender and social equity concepts are a poison that are transforming out public schools into a political tool of the far-left and other special interest groups: But, together, we can stop them.

We need citizens to help us expose the ‘woke’ radicals who are trying to indoctrinate young people in the Ocean State.

Your name will be kept anonymous. Please use this form to submit qualified tips on what, who, and where such indoctrination is happening.