Barrington Flag Controversy – ACT NOW

The far-left schemes to politicize even memorials to our veterans… doing even more to divide America! Take action now by filling out the form. The message below will be sent to Barrington town councilors on your behalf! Don’t wait, let them know you stand for free speech for citizens, not agenda driven speech for government!

Dear Councilor,

Flying the BLM flag on the veterans memorial at Barrington Town Hall is clearly political. It’s not possible to accommodate every organization or every interest group. We should not try to use this memorial for agendas. Political speech is for citizens, not for government.

The national BLM organization has a far-left agenda that goes beyond the call for racial justice in America.

I do not want any political flag to be flown on town property, and I encourage the town to adopt such a policy. This should be a space where we can unite as a country, politicizing it only causes more division.  Thank you.