Freedom Index Bills To Be Voted On By The RI General Assembly

FIchartThe bills listed below are scheduled for a House or Senate floor or committee vote in the coming days AND have also been selected for rating on the Center’s 2016 Freedom Index and Legislator Scorecard. Click here for the 2016 Freedom Index – Live Bill Tracker.

Ratings for each bill range from (-3) to (+3) and are considered ‘tentative’ at this time. All bills that receive a full floor vote will be peer-reviewed and potentially re-rated during the summer.

House Bills Scheduled for the week of Tuesday, April 26th

Bill Rating Scheduled Description
H7551 (-2) 4/26/16 to overrule state law and local city and town charters in order to allow school departments to borrow money in any amount during the current fiscal year without voter approval as their share of state building funds
H7868 (-1) 4/26/16 to force workers installing or maintaining water filtration systems to register and maintain licenses, with requirements for testing, education, and work
H7196 (-1) 4/26/16 to make it more difficult to amend conservation and preservation restrictions placed on private property by current or previous owners by requiring a net gain in preservation rather than just serving the public interest
H7869 (-1) 4/28/16 to create new licensing requirements, including among other things continuing education requirements, for pump and water filtration installers

Senate Bills Scheduled for the week of Tuesday, April 26th

Bill Rating Scheduled Description
S2087 (-1) 4/26/16 to make it more difficult for gas and electric utilities to shut off service for lower-income customers, including a requirement to forgive a dollar owed for every dollar paid, among other things
S2696 (+1) 4/26/16 to allow for the licensing of “freestanding emergency care facilities,” which would be subject to various regulations imposed on hospitals
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