3/27/19 Written Testimony re. Minimum Wage Legislation (S174, S369, S374, S508) Pass EITC expansion – leave Rhode Island’s minimum wage where it is.

3/27/19 Written Testimony re. Pay Equity Bill (H5659) No real “gender wage gap.”

3/26/19 Written Testimony re. Line Item Veto bills (H5206 and H5308) Rhode Island Needs a Check-and-Balance on Spending.

3/20/19 Written Testimony re. Civil Asset Forfeiture reform(H5721) Residents Should Be Protected From Unjust Government Seizure of Private Property.

3/19/19 Written Testimony re. “Corporate Medicaid Tax” in the Governor’s FY2020 Budget Employers Should Not be Blamed for Rising Medicaid Costs.

3/22/18 Written Testimony re. Bill to Restrict Ocular Telemedicine (S2404) Rhode Island Should Encourage Eye Care Innovation, Not Protectionism.

6/17/17 Written Testimony re. S0831-A (Health Insurance Mandates) More insurance options are needed, not less.