STATE-OF-THE-ART PODCAST RECORDING STUDIO – now available to Beachhead Coalition members!

ARE YOU READY TO BROADCAST YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS RI? What happens in your org doesn’t have to stay in your org!

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity invites you to utilize our new Red Tide Studio to help get your voice and message out to concerned citizens. This state-of-the-art podcast recording studio is designed to provide an optimal environment for creating high-quality video and audio content.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, this studio is equipped with professional-grade microphones, soundproofing, and cutting-edge recording equipment to ensure your message is captured with crystal clarity.

Located in N.Scituate, RI, with a comfortable and versatile space, ample amenities, and expert technical support, Red Tide Studio offers everything you need to produce engaging and polished episodes – video or audio.

If technical concerns have prevented you from broadcasting your message … Red Tide Studios is the solution.

All at below market studio-rental rates:

  • No need to buy your own expensive A/V equipment to produce a high-quality podcast
  • You’ll be joined by up to two expert producers to manage the process of recording your show
  • Access to up to four microphones and four 4K cameras
  • Choice of pictures in background and lighting colors, including live video switching and audio board operation
  • Access to green room where guests can be on standby or lounge while waiting to go on camera
  • Promo reels to promote your podcast!
  • Lower-cost remote recording option also available
  • Files will be delivered by hard-drive or digitally at end of session
  • Post recording editing services also available
  • Ask about hourly rates and our subscription packages … as well as how you can earn an additional 25% discount

For more information contact Larry Gillheeney at or call our Center at 401-429-6115.