Rhode Islanders must stand together to stop our students from becoming political pawns!
From unjustified school and bus mask mandates, vaccination passports, political mailers to young students, inappropriate sex-education materials, radical gender and social equity concepts … and, now, to the divisive poison of inculcating our kids with critical race theory principles … parental rights are under assault and our public schools are being transformed into a political tool of the far-left and other special interest groups.

The indoctrination of our children with anti-American Marxist propaganda and the imposition of non-science-based medical guidance – both pushed by special interest teacher unions – must be stopped.

Now is the time for parents and concerned citizens to stand together and take-back control of public education by freeing our kids from politics!
Across America, parents are fighting back … and winning! In many school districts in our nation, parents have successfully removed school board members who refuse to defend America’s proud heritage or who have imposed intrusive Covid protocols. Parents are proactively taking control over their kids’ education.

Now is the time for action in our Ocean State!
By signing this petition, I stand with the many newly-formed parent groups across the state, whose objective is to free our children from the corrupt politics of the left. When I submit this petition I also authorize that an email stating my objection to student politicization will be sent to multiple elected officials and educational leaders in our state.

Now is the time to sign this petition!

Email Text:

As a public education official, you are hereby petitioned to stop politicizing our students with anti-American and race-based theories and with intrusive Covid back-to-school protocols. While we all seek good health and equal justice and opportunity for every Rhode Islander, school mandates that threaten the health of our children … and any school curriculum that denigrates or promotes any one group of people over another … is unacceptable.

Our students should be taught the historical truth about America’s proud heritage and how our nation over-came prejudices and immoral institutions to become the world’s greatest defender of freedom and individual rights. Further, our students should not be required to suffer so that teacher union big-wigs and state health officials can pretend to create a safe school environment.

In signing this petition, I stand with the thousands of parents across Rhode Island, whose objective is to ensure that anti-American theories and divisive hate ARE NOT taught to the children of Rhode Island. Indeed, across America, parents are rising-up to protest Marxist indoctrination of our children. We pledge to hold accountable those public officials who ignore parental rights and refuse to defend our proud American heritage and who continue to use our children as medical guinea-pigs.

Public schools must not become the tool of any political movement, and our children must not be brainwashed with any political philosophy, especially one that so many parents so strongly disapprove of.

Complete curriculum transparency is demanded as well as your pledge to stop all divisive indoctrination and non-science-based Covid mandates.