Don’t allow RIDOH to seize more power! The public is invited to comment!

JOIN IN MAKING A PUBLIC COMMENT before March 25 on the proposed RIDOH rule changes, which are nothing but a blatant power grab, even as state health officials hail it as a major step towards returning our state to normal.

Under the theory of never letting a crisis go to waste, the RIDOH is now seeking to expand its power and authority over future public health issues.

Our state would be better off if nothing along these lines were to be done … and allow all related RIDOH rules and Executive Orders to simply expire in their due course.

Rhode Islanders should not support these new proposed rules;  rules that will grant more power to the government over future healthcare issues; and rules that will lead to less medical freedom for healthcare workers.

You can read Mike Stenhouse’s full commentary on why these rules should NOT be implemented, here.

PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM on this page and we will send you an email with a link to the RIDOH “comments” page, along with suggested bullet-points you may wish to edit and include when submitting your comment.