Ensuring a People’s Convention for Rhode Island

800px-Black_PointA new opportunity in the Ocean State.

A people’s convention is an opportunity for Rhode Island to make constitutional reforms. We can return prosperity to our state. But, it is critical that a ConCon does not devolve into politics as usual. For too long, the government policy culture and the budget in the Ocean State has created legislation for the special interest and the insiders. The public wants new ideas. RI taxpayers deserve more. Rhode Island needs real leaders. The people can challenge the status quo and return prosperity to the Ocean State. There are common sense protections that we can take to keep a constitutional convention in the hands of the people.

The Center is recommending the following ideas to ensure a free people’s convention:

  • All delegate elections should be nonpartisan.
  • Sitting elected officials should be barred from running as delegates.
  • All people’s convention meetings should be 100% transparent
  • Business and community leaders should step forward now and announce their attention to run as delegates.

Given our state’s dismal economic and educational performance, many believe that a ConCon is the only chance to enact the kind of reforms that can help turn our state around.  You deserve prosperity. The Center believes that government officials and legislative process have proven incapable of addressing the real concerns of real Rhode Islanders: A new reform vehicle is needed to make sure government policy of Rhode Island works for everyone. You have the power to build a better Rhode Island through the powerful tool of constitutional reforms and by bringing greater freedom to the Ocean State.

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The status quo is the enemy of our future. The Center’s mission is to persuade the citizens of Rhode Island that the power of free markets and the capacity of free people can transform their lives where dependence on ever-increasing government programs cannot. By ensuring that the Ocean State’s government works for the best interests of the people, rather than backroom deals for the special insiders, and by increasing individual and economic freedoms, we can restore competitiveness with other states, renew hopes for prosperity, and promote new educational opportunities for all families.

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