#ParentsUnitedRI PETITION

Enough. It’s time to defend parental rights in education! By signing this action, education officials will be informed that you will hold them accountable if they do not put students first and do not respect the rights of parents when it comes to the education and healthcare of our children.

#ParentsUnitedRI is a grassroots movement of mothers, fathers, concerned citizens, and groups across Rhode Island … who are banding together to preserve the rights of parents when it comes to their children’s well-being.

Our core belief is that parents – not government ideologues – have the moral and legal right to determine our children’s educational and health paths. Our schools belong to all of us, not just the handful of special interest elitists who sit on our school boards or have been appointed to school system positions.

It’s time to put students and families first.

Text that will be emailed to school officials upon each signing of this petition:

As a concerned Rhode Island citizen, I support this #ParentsUnitedRI petition to hold accountable public school officials who do not put students first and who do not respect the rights of parents when it comes to the education and healthcare of our children.
By signing this petition:
  • I join in calling for the resignation or firing of Phil Auger, Superintendent of North Kingstown schools, who  protected a teacher that conducted illicit “naked body-fat testing” on young boy students and who was complicit in failing to inform proper authorities
    • Any public school official who puts the agenda of any special interest group ahead of the well-being of students and families must be held accountable
  • I join in calling for my local school committee to immediately cease paying dues to the RI Association of School Committees (RIASC) … until RIASC either fires Timothy Duffy (Exec Director), or RIASC formally dis-associates itself with the National School Board Association, which referred to concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” in its misguided letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland
  • Because teacher unions have blocked state lawmakers from such, I join in calling for passage of a local ordinance that will end the immoral practice of allowing teachers or school staff to inappropriately “touch” any minor student, even if that student may have been coerced into providing consent
  • I join in calling for 100% “educational transparency” and demand that my school district post on its website:
    • ALL curriculum materials and instructional aides
    • ALL teacher professional development materials and instructional aides
    • ALL scheduled or offered health related procedures or clinics so that parents will have ample opportunity to provide or withhold consent

NOTE: When you submit this action, an email will automatically be sent to multiple education officials which will include your first name and city; it is your option whether or not to include your last name and email address as well. You will then be directed to a new page asking you to share this action on social media. We need to increase the number of people seeing this important action, so we encourage you to share this page on social media. Thank you.