The Flanders Legal Center for Freedom

The Flanders Legal Center for Freedom, which is led by Robert Flanders, a board member of the Center, a practicing attorney, and former Associate Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

Operating under the auspices of the Center, the nonpartisan Flanders Legal Center expects to provide ongoing legal commentary, submit friend of the court briefs, and potentially engage in select litigation cases.

It is our objective to build our internal legal capacity, while at the same time working with in-state and out-of-state public litigation firms to identify and bring appropriate cases in either the state or federal court system.

Executive powers

Flanders, Stenhouse Provide Testimony Calling for an End to Unchecked Executive Branch Emergency Powers

"Appalled" that a state Senator is a "big fan" of unconstitutional…
The Flanders Legal Center for Freedom issued a letter to RI Governor Gina Raimondo urging her to rescind existing orders based on religious rights.

Flanders Legal Center Issues Religious Rights Demand Letter to Governor Raimondo

Governor's Phase-2 Rules Are Likely UnconstitutionalBurdens…
Rhode Island Governor Emergency Powers

Legal Paper: Governor’s Emergency Powers are Not Unlimited and Unchecked

Legal Limits on Emergency Executive Powers in Rhode Island General…
issue advocacy lawsuit

Update on Lawsuit Against Unconstitutional State Campaign Finance Law

Brief Filed Against State's Motion to Dismiss the Lawsuit Pro-liberty…
As part of its new strategic litigation initiative, the Center announced a lawsuit against an unconstitutional donor disclosure law.

Former Justice Flanders Joins Center’s Board

Will Explore Development of an Internal Strategic Litigation…