Halt The Controversial HPV Vaccine Mandate In Rhode Island




One-Page Summary Sheet on the
RI HPV mandate debate

PODCAST: B101-HPV Vaccine Mandate –
Mike Stenhouse

Rhode Island ACLU Offers Statement on HPV


Critical Information: American Medical Association opposes mandatory vaccines:
medical ethics statement

 NEW MAJOR DEVELOPMENT! Giovanni D. Cicione of the Stephen Hopkins Center for Civil Rights makes the announcement for upcoming potential lawsuit for
HPV Vaccine Mandate





Disturbingly, legislation was introduced last session by Senator Josh Miller and Senator Gayle Goldin to severely restrict religious liberty in the Ocean State. In S0381, Sen. Miller and Goldin want to end religious exemption for immunizations like HPV. Rhode Island was founded on the concept of religious freedom by Roger Williams. Do not allow this legislation to threaten the principles of our republic.

The Center strongly recommends that any parent uncomfortable with this vaccine for their children should claim a religious medical exemption. Parents, get the religious exemption form to the HPV Vaccine Mandate now:

Click here for the Religious Immunization Exemption Certificate For Use in Public and Private Daycare, Preschool, School & College

In a stunning revelation made public in a July Providence Journal article, all Rhode Island 7th graders will be mandated to receive a controversial HPV vaccination that infringes on parental rights and has been subject of national scorn in recent years. We find it even more troubling that Rhode Island will become just the second state to mandate the vaccine, and the only state to do so by regulatory fiat, without public debate, and without consideration from the elected representatives of the people.

This growing trend of government by executive fiat and regulatory despotism bypasses the traditional democratic process and must cease. Like RhodeMap RI, why do we continue to allow unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats to arbitrarily make such important public policy decisions. Where are the voices of the Governor and our General Assembly, whose authority is being infringed upon by out-of-control bureaucratic ideologues?

We call on the Governor to immediately halt this mandate in order to give lawmakers time to consider overturning this unprecedented edict.


Watch the Press Conference:

Find More Info Below:

Media Samples:

10/8/15 The Warwick Beacon: Docs, Parents Speak Up for Vaccine Choice

8/18/15 The Providence Journal: Additional public meetings on HPV vaccine scheduled

8/18/15 Fox News: Rhode Island health officials say they won’t change HPV vaccine mandate

8/18/15 GoLocal Prov: HPV Vaccine Mandate Opponents Blast State at Press Conference

8/13/15 The Warwick Beacon: HEALTH moving forward with HPV vaccine mandate

8/11/15 B101: HPV Vaccine Mandate – Mike Stenhouse

8/5/15 The Warwick Beacon: Vaccination exemption stays for now

8/4/15 The Providence Journal: Doctors at center stage of HPV forum in Barrington

8/4/15 The Providence Journal: Exeter representative asks RI Health Dept. to stop HPV vaccination requirement for middle schoolers

8/2/15 The Providence Journal: Civil liberties debate heats up as R.I. ranks tops in vaccinating youths for HPV

7/30/15 The Providence Journal: Conservative research group opposed to mandatory HPV vaccinations in R.I.

7/30/15 Patch.com: Is Your Seventh Grader Vaccinated for HPV Yet? It’s the Rule

From The Rhode Center for Freedom & Prosperity:

MEDIA RELASE: Center Calls on Governor Raimondo to Halt Controversial HPV Vaccine Mandate

MEDIA RELASE: Governor’s Response Not Sufficient to Quell Growing Controversy to HPV Vaccine Mandate; Public Hearings Begin Tonight

From The Ocean State Current:

7/31/15 HPV Vaccine Mandate the Tip of Big Money Insider Interests

7/27/15 Allowing Representative Democracy at Outdoor Restaurants

6/5/15 Civil Disobedience Against the Many Ways to Dictate Rules

Is this another a special-interest handout? Is there a connection between big money from Merck, the pharmaceutical giant pushing the Gardasil vaccine, and the national CDC? Important questions for the Ocean State. Learn more:

Merck Announces Appointment of Dr. Julie Gerberding as Executive Vice President for Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy and Population Health

Dr. Julie Gerberding oversaw historic mumps vaccine fraud cover-up


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