Under the AHCA Lawmakers will be newly empowered to make state-specific decisions on healthcare for the people of Rhode Island.

Healthcare Reform: Rhode Islanders Should Be Able To Choose Their Own Plans & Doctors

Should the Ocean State have a transparent healthcare insurance market that relies on the free-enterprise system? Do the people of Rhode Island want to enable providers and patients to craft and choose their own healthcare plans? Of course, these changes will drive down the price for consumers.

Or, should Rhode Island continue with a government-controlled market? These mandates control what healthcare individuals, employers, and insurers must provide and buy. In fact, the excessive healthcare mandates continually increase the cost of premiums and deductibles for Rhode Island families.

Is Rhode Island Prepared to Best Serve its Citizens Under the Shifting Federal Healthcare Landscape?

Center Responds to Governor Raimondo’s Federal Healthcare News Conference

Ultimately, ObamaCare is not sustainable. While more Americans are technically covered, there are enormous costs across the board. In any case, the differences between the ObamaCare and the AHCA models represent a significant shift in thinking. The AHCA seeks to responsibly transition away from government insurance by providing more US citizens with higher-quality, less-costly private insurance options. Soon, state lawmakers may be faced with multiple important questions on healthcare. They will also realize that they will be newly empowered to make state-specific decisions for the people of the Ocean State.

First and foremost, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity  believes that Rhode Island families should be able to choose their own plans and doctors. As a result, the people of the Ocean State should be not forced to choose only those plans and doctors that are heavily mandated by the federal or state government. Free market solutions are the answer for healthcare for Rhode Island families. Now is the time for Rhode Island to begin careful planning for each of these eventualities and to lead the nation when it comes to devising the most innovative plans that will provide quality, patient-centered healthcare at the lowest possible cost.

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