$38 to Support our Center in Pursuing 38 Studios Justice!

38 Studios square

Here they go again: The rigged system is protecting corrupt insiders.

After a four year investigation, the public knows nothing new about the 38 Studios story … and our Center is not about to give up seeking justice.

In late July, in an outrageous cover-up, the insider machine refused to release the names of those officials who knew about the 38 Studios scam – and who acted in unethically by not speaking out.


Our Center can play a leadership role in organizing multiple good-government groups to make sure that TWO valuable lessons are learned:

  1. That unethical lawmakers must be held accountable – politically
  2. That insider ‘crony corporate welfare’ deals – like 38 Studios and like the current administration is aggressively promoting – is not a legitimate risk of RI taxpayers’ hard-earned money; and is not an effective economic development strategy.

Our Center has renewed the call for the Governor to make good on her campaign promise to initiate an independent investigation … not with a criminal objective, but one that uncovers the betrayal of the public trust.

With your generous support, we will continue our push to demand justice. Your donation of just $38 – either one time or on a recurring basis – will support our continued public education campaign for accountability.

Please give $38 for 38 Studios justice!

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It is time for taxpayers to reject the rigged Rhode Island system.