Bright Today Educational Choice

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The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity is proud to be a member of the Bright Today Educational Choice campaign that seeks to empower families with new options to choose the best educational path for their children.

Because no child should have to wait for tomorrow’s reform promises.

Every child deserves an education of their family’s choice – today!

See below for a menu of links to related research and advocacy pieces developed by the Center and its journalism website, The Ocean State Current.

NEW! Must Read – School Choice Booklet: A compilation of key findings from multiple research reports by the Center, with colorful charts and infographics … an easy read.

Legislative Solutions

Policy Brief – The Way of the Future – The Bright Today Scholarship and Open Enrollment Educational Act of 2015. Describes bi-partisan legislation in both the RI House and Senate.

The Math of Educational Choice – How school choice could save $150 million over 5 years for public school districts

The Case for School Choice

Educational Choice Narrative – why the time is NOW to expand options for Rhode Island families

RI Parents Lead Nation in Practicing and Demanding More School Choice (report)


Bright Today website Bright-Today-200w

Milton Friedman Legacy Day (2014)

Studies and Reports

Public Survey Results & Dispelling Common Myths about School Choice

2012: Closing The Gap – how Florida reforms closed the gap among Hispanic and under-privileged students with all Rhode Island students


Interactive version of the “nation’s report” card – compare the performance of RI students to other states, broken down by multiple demographics.

Personal Stories:

Student Essay Contest (2013) – underprivileged students from Providence write about how school choice could have transformed their lives.

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