Yes, I will #StandWithDocSkoly !

OUTRAGEOUS! After the government SHUT HIM DOWN … now, the RI Department of Labor & Training (DLT) is denying unemployment benefits to Doc Skoly and his staff – benefits they have been paying into for decades!

Dr. Stephen Skoly, chairman of our Center, has been practicing oral surgery in Rhode Island for over three decades – and safely over the entire period of the pandemic.

The health and safety of his patients has never been compromised!

His naturally-acquired immunity, along with universal precautions, means patients are just as safe under his care as they are with any other doctor who may be vaccinated.

Yet the RI Department of Health (DOH) has decided to make an example out of him, and has forced Doc Skoly to shut down his practice because he will not bend-the-knee to their un-scientific vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

And his story is going national: here’s Doc’s interview with the DAILY SIGNAL, the news operation of the prestigious Heritage Foundation.

Doc Skoly would never put his patients at risk!

Everything he has worked for … he put it all on the line … to take a principled stand for the RIGHTS of ALL OF US … and on the real science!

Will you #StandWithDocSkoly by signing this petition?

Click here to watch our latest #InTheDugout update on Doc Skoly’s battle with the RI DOH

By signing this petition, not only will you show support for Doc Skoly and his call for natural immunity to be an accepted vaccine exemption and for the DLT to provide rightful unemployment benefits … but also an email will be sent to numerous bureaucrats at the DOH and DLT.

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Email Text:

By signing this petition, I support Dr. Stephen Skoly. The DLT and DOH persecution of Doc Skoly must end.

The real science overwhelmingly finds that Doc Skoly‘s natural immunity actually means patients are safer under his care than they might be under the care of a vaccinated doctor, who never contracted Covid-19.

It is disgraceful that the RI Dep’t of Health has forced him to shut down his practice because he will not obey your un-scientific vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Doc Skoly would never put his patients at risk. Everything he has worked for … he put it all on the line … to stand on principle and on the science!

Please restore Doc Skoly‘s right to practice medicine today, but I also believe that Doc Skoly and his staff should receive unemployment benefits in the meantime… and please allow natural immunity as an approved medical exemption for vaccines!