A Constitutional Convention is our only chance in the next 10 years to see positive reforms enacted that will increase the quality of life for moms, dads, students, employees, business owners, and every Rhode Islander.


So the big question becomes …

How do we stop this assault on our families by a corrupt, agenda-driven government?

You’ll be surprised to know that in 2024 … the answer is at the tip of your pen.

And, it’s our only chance in the next 10 years to see positive reforms enacted that will increase the quality of life for moms, dads, students, employees, business owners, and every Rhode Islander.

Voters have become disillusioned with Rhode Island’s bi-annual elections. Not just questions about the integrity of mail ballots, signature validation, drop box security, and early voting … but more importantly a feeling of hopelessness.

Too many voting-age citizens who are concerned about the direction of our state … and don’t see any way to change it … either choose not to register vote or choose to stay home … and not vote.

With over an 85% majority-party rule in our state’s General Assembly, as well as in the Statehouse … all dominated by those committed to a radical anti-family, anti-American agenda … it is difficult to imagine that enough common-sense lawmakers might ever be elected to make a difference in lives of taxpayers, students, families, and businesses … at least in our lifetimes.

It seems as if it could take decades, if not generations, to turn our Ocean State ship back on a course toward freedom and prosperity … instead of its current corrupt path of increased government control over our lives and special-interest cronyism.

Indeed, all three branches of our government appear to be aligned against the interests of the average Rhode Island family and business. The political supremacists that rule our state do not care about the well-being or voices of the average Rhode Islander … only about the special interest groups.

It is time for this all-of-government corruption to be brought to an end!

Our General Assembly is hopelessly compromised by progressive-Left, woke, and big-government advocates. They will never pass laws that restore power to the people or restrict their own power; or that go against the special-interest groups who influence them.

Our Executive Branch is out of control with its mandates and dictates, via unelected bureaucrats who head various agencies and departments … many of whom exhibit breathtaking levels of incompetency and corruption.

Over the past few decades, even our Judicial Branch has failed to consistently protect our freedoms and preserve our constitutional rights. As all judges are appointed and confirmed by agenda-driven extremists in the Executive and Legislative branches, it is clear that subjective politics has become the basis for courtroom decisions, rather than objective evidence and adherence to our Constitution.

So if the three branches of government are all compromised against the well-being of the everyday family … what recourse do we, the people, have?

Did you know that in RI … there is a 4th branch of government? 

Yes, that’s right … we, the people, ourselves! Per Section 2 of Article XIV the Constitution of the State of Rhode Island … we the people have the opportunity every 10 years to bypass the entrenched corruption of our government and take matters into our own hands.

As Rhode Islanders, this is our constitutional right … and it is a right we must exercise this year at the 2024 ballot box.

It’s officially called a Constitutional Convention … I call it a “People’s Convention“. And it can provide for significant reforms within just few years … as opposed to a few decades or a few generations.

On the ballot this November will appear the simple question: “Constitutional Convention: Should there be a convention to amend or revise the Constitution?”

Why do I call it a People’s Convention? Because the people of Rhode Island – we, the voters – have almost complete control.

First, the people approve the measure. Voters will decide whether or not to convene a convention when they vote in the general election. In 2014, the ballot question (#3) lost by the narrow margin of 55% to 45%. Only a 5% flip is required this year to win the question.

Second, the people elect the delegates. Upon approval of the ballot question, the General Assembly will set a statewide special election for the voters of our state to elect the delegates to the People’s Convention.

The General Assembly will also provide a budget, facility, timetable, and a plan for public transparency for the delegates to meet and conduct their business.

The Convention delegates will then meet regularly to elect their own leadership team, put forth and debate revisions to our state Constitution, then vote-out certain ‘proposed amendments’.

Third, the people have the final say. Each and every proposed amendments that is voted-out of the Constitutional Convention will then be forth to the voters of Rhode Island for ratification … or not … via separate and individual ballot questions in future general elections.

The people are in control at virtually all major decision points of the process. A process that could produce dramatic reforms and results in less than two years! Reforms to benefit the people that our corrupt elected politicians would never consider.

The possibilities are inspiring:

  • Imagine term limits whereby compromised politicians, bought-and-owned by special interest groups, could only serve for a limited amount of time as an elected official in our government
  • Imagine making it harder to raise taxes by requiring a 2/3 super-majority vote in both the Rhode Island House and the Senate
  • Imagine workplace freedom for all workers, whether public or private employees, who are often hand-cuffed by restrictive state laws or oppressive union rules
  • Imagine an Inspector General and the Line-Item-Veto that can be used to control and cut excessive and wasteful government spending
  • Imagine “Initiative and Referendum” that returns even more Constitutional power to the people by granting them a legal process, as is the law in most states, to collect enough signatures to place a policy question on the ballot for all voters to decide
  • Imagine robust school choice options for parents who are desperate for their kids to escape our state’s failed government-run school system … and to put their children on an educational path of their own choosing … pubic, home, or private
  • Imagine election integrity reforms that will ensure that only residents in our state who are legally entitled to vote … can cast their votes freely, securely, with proper verification, and be guaranteed that their ballots will be counted and tabulated accurately
  • Imagine saving women’s sports by Constitutionally prohibiting biological boys and men from competing in girls and women’s sports

Can you think of a better reason to vote this year and cast a ballot to convene a state Constitutional Convention?

If you believe that these kinds of reforms might be helpful to you, your family, your business, or our entire state … all you have to do is to use your pen this election to mark your ballot and vote YES to the Constitutional Convention question … whether you vote early, vote by mail ballot, or vote on election day.