The 5 Big Potential RI Constitutional Convention Reforms


Have you heard the news? A people’s convention is an opportunity to reform the Ocean State. The time to decide the future of the Ocean State is now. Whether serving as a delegate or voting on critical issues interests you, here are 5 big potential constitution convention reforms that could happen to fix the Ocean State. Let’s create a government that works for everyone, not just the chosen few.

1. You can create a streamlined spending and tax culture:

During a ConCon, you could strengthen the ability of the executive branch to balance out the legislature by instituting a “line item veto”. Rhode Islanders could require new supermajorities for any general tax increases. Rhode Islanders could choose to create a fully empowered office of the inspector general as a check on state spending. You can eliminate the municipal car tax and end moral obligation bonds, which bypass specific voter approval. These are just some of the ways you could create a smarter spending and tax culture in the Ocean State during a people’s convention.

2.  You can modernize our education & health systems:

A people’s convention could be a new way to improve our struggling school system, and fix our broken healthcare system. Rhode Islanders can ensure equal access to adequate educational opportunities and parental choice for every child. Let’s increase efficient free-market solutions  and reduce state control in Rhode Island’s healthcare industry. You can put behind us the outdated regulations and mandates to create a vibrant public policy environment in Rhode Island.

3.  You can make ethics requirements that serve the people not the insiders:

We’ve all seen the headlines in the news. Another Rhode Island politician on the hook for their connection to the special interests, the insiders, and the cronies. You have the power to change that by creating stronger ethics standards for the Ocean State. Rhode Islanders want real ethics reforms for public officials that hold them accountable for illicit, illegal, or insider actions. Citizens will have the power to bar public officials from bidding on insider contracts preventing issues from arising.

4. You can decide the labor issue outside of politics as usual:

Let’s face it. Some issues in the news are just too hot to handle for the average legislator. The questions surrounding labor in the Ocean State have led to uncertainty for all concerned parties. Rhode Islanders can make a definite statement on whether or not teachers should have access to binding arbitration. Citizens can determine if collective bargaining for public employees should be expanded or trimmed. This is an opportunity for the people to codify whether pension agreements are biding contracts.

5.  You can make sure that elections are balanced by 21st century principles:

Rhode Islanders want to break free of the status quo politics that have plagued our state. Your voice is powerful. Everyone should want fairer and more transparent elections.  A ConCon can make the elimination of the master lever permanent. You can change the rules of redistricting to stop politicians form picking who will vote for them. The people in a ConCon will have the power to implement term limits. This is the way to move beyond the old ways of doing things in Rhode Island into a new brighter future.


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The status quo is the enemy of our future. The Center’s mission is to persuade the citizens of Rhode Island that the power of free markets and the capacity of free people can transform their lives where dependence on ever-increasing government programs cannot. By ensuring that the Ocean State’s government works for the best interests of the people, rather than backroom deals for the special insiders, and by increasing individual and economic freedoms, we can restore competitiveness with other states, renew hopes for prosperity, and promote new educational opportunities for all families.
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