Changing the Ocean State is Allowed

How a “People’s Convention” can help the Ocean State

DemocracyWordCloudRhode Islanders want state and local government that works for everyone, not just the chosen few.  Rhode Island needs a better policy culture. On the upcoming ballot, you will be asked in question three during the upcoming election to either approve or disapprove a constitutional convention from happening.  Many of the insiders, the cronies, and the special interests want to stop a people’s convention. They see the people of R.I. as a threat to their favored status on Smith Hill. Look at all their policy failures like 38 Studios and Rhode Island’s unemployment rate.

They believe that given a chance the people will choose a RI state government that works in the best interest of everyone not the just the select insiders.

The special interests see the people as their enemy. The know that the people want a clean government. At the Center, we firmly believe in the rights of the people and their ability to make meaningful state government reforms. We have faith in the ability of the people of RI to govern themselves. Rhode Island needs accountability. We’ve all seen the news. There are points in history where the direct hand of the people is required in the affairs of their government. Has the state of RI reached such a point? A constitutional convention is an opportunity to make the voice of the people powerful to make reforms in taxation, education, and ethics. You will decide if a ConCon is happening. A constitutional convention will give you a chance to stand up to the special interests in our state. You will be asked about a ConCon on Question Three. What will you decide in the upcoming election?

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The status quo is the enemy of our future. The Center’s mission is to persuade the citizens of Rhode Island that the power of free markets and the capacity of free people can transform their lives where dependence on ever-increasing government programs cannot. By ensuring that the Ocean State’s government works for the best interests of the people, rather than backroom deals for the special insiders, and by increasing individual and economic freedoms, we can restore competitiveness with other states, renew hopes for prosperity, and promote new educational opportunities for all families.

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