Decision of the Century: General Assembly’s Budget Approach Will Set State’s Trajectory for Decades to Come

The problems we face did not come down from the heavens; they were government-made and they can be reversed. Lawmakers should not feel helpless, nor do we have to be reliant of the federal government. Many states are taking proactive steps to prepare their state economies for rapid recovery... and we must do the same. Lawmakers have to understand that they can no longer hide from the responsibilities and difficult decisions they were elected take on: the status quo budget approach - tax, spend, and borrow - can not work in response to this pandemic crisis.

With a one-billion dollar anticipated revenue shortfall, and with recent statements from leading Rhode Island lawmakers indicating a general feeling of helplessness, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity today published a report with proven budget strategies that can help put the state on a long-term positive trajectory.  Virtually all recent comments from public officials appear to place an undue reliance on federal bailout funds in the hope that status quo spending levels might be maintained. This is not a budget strategy.

Compiled after numerous discussions with colleagues in other states as well as with state budget experts with national organizations, the Center’s report, Decision of the Century, is premised on the understanding that the decisions that will soon be made by lawmakers in dealing with the pandemic-caused revenue losses, will set the near and long term trajectory for the Rhode Island economy.

The Raimondo administration is heaping additional burdens on employers by doling out tens of millions of their hard-earned tax dollars to Infosys.

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Rhode Islanders would be hit with a tidal wave of new costs to fund the most destructive progressive bills.

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For decades, Rhode Island state politicians have practiced allegiance to a budget that has failed its people; a budget that requires unhealthy levels of taxation and regulation. This, as opposed to the allegiance they are sworn to uphold to the people of Rhode Island.

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STATEMENT on Proposed 2017 RI Budget

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