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Media Event: Report Cards passed out today at Statehouse

MEDIA EVENT WHAT:    State Report Cards Handed Out WHEN:    Thursday, February 16, 3pm-4pm WHERE:  RI Statehouse Rotunda Providence, RI — Legislators, staffers, and passers-by will have their competitiveness report cards handed out to them this afternoon at the Statehouse, but it is doubtful that many will want to take them home, as the Ocean State […]

Collective Bargaining Reform could Save R.I. $252 million per year

Excessive Government Worker Compensation Doubles the State Budget Shortfall, Reform would Disrupt the Union-Policymaker quid pro quo. A study released this week by the Goldwater Institute details the crippling financial impact of public-sector unionization. The study projects that a ban on collective bargaining and contracts could save Ocean State taxpayers $252 million per year in excessive government worker compensation. These […]

What others are saying about our “Closing The Gap” Educational study

Visit the Closing The Gap home page here … Our Closing The Gap study has struck a cord with parents and students, as well as organizations either supporting or resisting comprehensive educational reform in Rhode Island.  Below is a sampling: SUPPORTERS Rhode Island Statewide Coaltion (RISC) commends our think tank for bringing forth a significant education study The RI Statewide Coalition (RISC) […]

Income Inequality should not “Occupy” our Public Policy Planning

Republished as an OpEd in Providence Business News (January 2, 2012 edition) under the title “Public policy shouldn’t worry about ‘solving’ inequality.” *** As we observe the “Occupy” phenomenon, and as our local chapter prepares to hibernate for the winter, the issue of income inequality has become a national debate. Even as our President talks […]

Task Force Report used to create Municipal Pension & Debt Map

Based in-part on the work of the Mercatus Center, which published a detailed report on the true scope of the unfunded pension liabilities facing Rhode Island municipalities as part of the national pension Task Force that our RI Center for Freedom formed, a local organization created an online, interactive map that allows you to click on each […]

RI’s Problem Remains: Attracting Jobs (Sunday ProJo Op Ed)

by MIKE STENHOUSE   In passing historic pension reforms in November, Rhode Island took a significant step in dealing with one threat to our state’s economic well-being. However, as if on cue, new issues are now coming to light. A waiting list of critical new challenges is quickly forming: municipal pension reform, unfunded health-insurance and […]