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Legal Paper: Governor’s Emergency Powers are Not Unlimited and Unchecked

Legal Limits on Emergency Executive Powers in Rhode Island General Assembly Designed to be a Check Providence, RI – The General Assembly has the absolute authority to end a declared state of emergency, especially when the Governor may not be acting with “restraint and moderation and with strict regard to the rights of the people.” This […]

PSA Campaign Encourages Workers to Re-Enter the Workforce Despite High Unemployment Benefits

Providence, RI – As the Ocean State begins the re-opening of its economy, the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity today launched a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign, encouraging workers to re-join the workforce, instead of collecting unemployment benefits.  The PSA campaign is themed on the iconic war era “Victory Garden” and “Uncle Sam Wants You” concepts. The […]

Call for More Transparency re. Criteria to Transition Back to Work

Center Calls for Public Transparency re. Criteria for Transitioning Rhode Islanders Back to Work Commending the Governor for planning to respond later today to calls to make publicly known the modeling data and tools her administration is utilizing to project how the corona-virus pandemic is expected to play out in the near future, the Rhode Island […]

10 More Rescue Policy Ideas To Aid Recovery From The COVID-19 Crisis

Lawmakers Can Help Pave the Way for Economic & Health Recovery Elected officials do not have to sit helplessly by and rely on federal aid Providence, RI – Suggesting multiple reforms that are being enacted in other states, the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, the state’s premiere free-market research and advocacy organization, offers state lawmakers 10 […]

Rhode Island COVID-19 Crisis: 30 Public Policy Solutions to Restore Financial and Health Security

In these trying times, with over one-hundred thousand Rhode Islanders recently laid-off, and unemployment rates that could soon reach 30%, common-sense public state-based policy can help mitigate the destructive economic impact of the Rhode Island Covid-19 crisis … and can help restore a sense of normalcy and financial security. See the list below for the […]