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Governor’s Sales Tax Hike will Hike Unemployment

There is a common and fundamental miscalculation when it comes to projecting the effects of tax policy on state revenues. Too often, the more short-sighted and simplistic static calculation is utilized, when in reality is the more complex dynamic effect should be evaluated. The downstream effects of tax policy on various aspects of the economy are rarely discussed or quantified, either at the state or municipal level.

NEW! Pension Open Government website: RIOpenGov.org

NEW! Cranston Police & Fire pension data now posted!
The Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity operates an ‘open government’ transparency website. RIOpenGov.org, is an interactive online database of state public employee pension data for current retirees. The data for about 27,000 pensioners, can be viewed in both table and graph modes, and can be sorted or searched by employee name, retirement year, benefit type, benefit structure (group), state of residence, and disability type.